[wordpress插件] Donate Extra捐赠额外

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Donate Extra is plugin that will allow you to receive donations on your WordPress enabled site via




Features include:


    • Sidebar Widgets for the total , wall & the form.
    • 侧栏小部件,用于总计,墙和表单。

    • Recurring Donations.
    • 经常性捐款。

    • Option for users to donate anonymously.
    • 用户匿名捐赠的选项。

    • Display a wall of donators on a page or with a Widget.
    • 在页面或小部件上显示捐赠者的墙。

    • Fully integrated with Paypal’s IPN.
    • 与Paypal的IPN完全集成。

    • Manage your donations from the Donate Extra Admin section.
    • 从“捐赠额外管理员”部分管理您的捐赠。


    1. Upload the donate_extra directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. donate_extra 目录上载到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. A new top-level menu called ‘Donate Extra’ will appear in your administration menu.
    6. 新的顶层菜单“ Donate Extra”将出现在您的管理菜单中。

    7. Set up your options in the Donate Extra settings panel.
    8. 在“捐赠额外的设置”面板中设置您的选项。

    9. Activate the included widgets for display in your theme or use the following shortcodes:
    10. 激活包含的窗口小部件以在主题中显示或使用以下短代码:

    11. Put the shortcode [donateextra] on your donation page to display the donate form.
    12. 在捐赠页面上输入简码 [donateextra] 以显示捐赠表格。

    13. Put the shortcode [donatewall] on your donation page or a seperate page to display the Donation Recognition Wall.
    14. 将简短代码 [donatewall] 放在捐赠页面或单独的页面上,以显示捐赠识别墙。

    15. Use the shortcode [donortotal] to display your running total of donations to date.
    16. 使用简码 [donortotal] 显示您迄今为止的捐款总额。

    17. Turn on Instant Payment Notification in PayPal and add your URL to your PayPal Profile IPN settings.
    18. 在PayPal中打开“即时付款通知”,然后将您的URL添加到PayPal个人资料IPN设置中。