[wordpress插件] Donate With Robokassa与Robokassa捐赠

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You need to follow these FIVE (one of two at the end is optional) simple steps:

您需要遵循以下五个步骤(最后两个是 可选):

    1. Download a plugin and copy it to 'site-root-dir/wp-content/plugins/donate-with-robokassa' folder (or install it from “Plugins -> Add new” menu in the admin panel. You can

    2. 下载插件,然后将其复制到“ site-root-dir / wp-content / plugins / donate-with-robokassa”文件夹中(或从管理面板的“插件->添加新”菜单中进行安装。

      find it using plugin search.).

    3. 使用插件搜索找到它。)

    4. In admin panel of the site, activate the plugin (You can do it under “Plugins -> Installed Plugins” menu).
    5. 在网站的管理面板中,激活插件(您可以在“插件->已安装的插件”菜单下进行操作)。

    6. Go to Settings -> Donate With Robokassa (DWR) page and fill in all the required fields (more details on this here).
    7. 转到“设置”->“用Robokassa捐赠(DWR)”页面,并填写所有必填字段(有关更多详细信息,请点击此处。)

    8. Add [dwr_payment_widget] shortcode anywhere on the website where you would like to see robokassa donation widget.
    9. 在网站上您想查看robokassa捐赠小部件的任何地方添加[dwr_payment_widget]简码。

    10. (Optional) Create two pages, one of which will inform your users about the success of the operation, and probably, thank them for the donation, and other will inform them that operation has failed.

    11. (可选)创建两个页面,其中一个页面将通知您用户该操作成功,并可能感谢他们的捐赠,而另一页面将通知他们该操作已失败。

      Make their URLs nice and informative (you will pass these URLs in Robokassa admin panel as Success URL and Fail URL, both with GET method).

    12. 使它们的URL美观且具有信息性(您将在robokassa管理控制台中将这些URL分别作为成功URL和失败URL都通过GET方法传递)。

    13. (Optional) Instead of creating separate pages, you could just set Success URL anf Fail URL to point to your websire homepage.

    14. (可选)您可以仅将“成功URL”和“失败URL”设置为指向您的Websire主页,而不是创建单独的页面。

      But this is bit rude.

    15. 但这有点不礼貌。

    That’s it!


    You’re all set up.