[wordpress插件] Donation Contest Widget捐赠竞赛小工具

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Donation Contest Widget is a plugin which allows you to add donation contest box to any widgetized area of your website.


You can get donations via PayPal.


Front End


    1. The widget can be easily inserted into any widgetized area of website like any standard WordPress widget (drag and drop).
    2. 该小部件可以轻松插入网站的任何小部件化区域,就像任何标准WordPress小部件一样(拖放)。

    3. Once added users can see donation contest box.

    4. 添加的用户可以看到捐赠竞赛框。

      This box displays three group of donors in rotating mode.


      The first group is the TOP X (X is defined in WordPress admin area) donors for the last 30 days starting from now.

      第一组是从现在开始过去30天内的TOP X(在WordPress管理区域中定义X)捐助者。

      The second group is the TOP X donors for last year starting from now.

      第二类是从现在开始的去年的TOP X捐助者。

      And third group displays TOP X donors for all the time.

    5. 第三组一直显示TOP X捐赠者。

    6. User can click “Donate” button and make donation.

    7. 用户可以单击“捐赠”按钮进行捐赠。

      Once donation done, user’s name will be stored in database and if donated amount is high enough his/her name appears in TOP X donors list.

      捐赠完成后,用户名将存储在数据库中,如果捐赠额足够高,其姓名将显示在TOP X捐赠者列表中。

      You can try it on this page: Donation Contest Widget.

    8. 您可以在此页面上尝试:捐赠竞赛小工具

    Back end


      1. The plugin is installed like any other standard WordPress plugin.
      2. 该插件的安装方式与其他任何标准WordPress插件一样。

      3. Once installed, it will create a configuration page in the admin section where the admin can do required setting such as PayPal ID, currency, “thank you” message, number of TOP X donors to be displayed, custom “donate” button

      4. 安装后,它将在admin部分中创建一个配置页面,管理员可以在其中进行所需的设置,例如PayPal ID,货币,“谢谢”消息,要显示的TOP X捐赠者数量,自定义的“捐赠”按钮

        , widget stylesheet etc.

      5. ,小部件样式表等。

      6. The plugin also adds new widget into widgets list.

      7. 该插件还将新的窗口小部件添加到窗口小部件列表中。

        So you can easily drag it and drop into any widget area.

      8. 因此,您可以轻松地将其拖放到任何小部件区域。

      Plugin requires PHP version 5 or higher installed on your server.

      插件需要在服务器上安装PHP 5或更高版本。

      For more details please visit Donation Contest Widget page.



This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


    1. Upload folder “donation-contest-widget” (and its content) into your WordPress plugin folder (normally it is /wp-content/plugins/).
    2. 将文件夹“ donation-contest-widget”(及其内容)上传到您的WordPress插件文件夹(通常是/ wp-content / plugins /)。

    3. Go to WordPress admin area and activate the plugin in plugins section (like you do for any other plugins).
    4. 转到WordPress管理区域并在“插件”部分激活插件(就像您对其他任何插件所做的一样)。