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Dottoro Highlighter plugin is based on the Dottoro Syntax Highlighter service that

Dottoro Highlighter插件基于 Dottoro语法Highlighter 服务,该服务

provides professional coloring for CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML languages.


It supports highlighting CSS, JavaScript and XML blocks embedded into HTML documents, optionally selectable line numbering and buttons for copying and printing code snippets.


It performs a detailed lexical analysis on the source code and attaches different style classes for different language items, thus providing a very flexible way to modify the appearance of the highlighted code.


Using of the Dottoro Highlighter plugin is really simple.

使用Dottoro Highlighter插件非常简单。

Just insert your code snippet in the Visual or HTML view, select it and press the Dr-Highlight button on the toolbar.


You don’t need to embed your source code into an element (such as PRE), just select the whole source that you want to highlight and press the Dr-Highlight button.


Clicking on the Dr-Highlight button pops up a dialog box where you can specify the settings for the highlighted code.


If you need to modify the appearance of a previously highlighted code, click into it then click on the Dr-Highlight button on the toolbar.


The default settings for the Dottoro Highlighter plugin can be set on the preferences page.

Dottoro Highlighter插件的默认设置可以在首选项页面上设置。

For further description, please visit the Dottoro Syntax Highlighter site.

有关更多说明,请访问 Dottoro语法突出显示工具网站。


    1. After downloading the Dottoro Highlighter plugin, unpack and upload the folder to the /wpcontent/plugins/ directory on your blog.

    2. 下载Dottoro Highlighter插件后,将其解压缩并将其上传到博客上的/ wpcontent / plugins /目录。

    3. Go to the Plugins tab in the WordPress administration panel, find the Dottoro Highlighter plugin on the list and click Activate.
    4. 转到WordPress管理面板中的“插件”标签,在列表中找到Dottoro Highlighter插件,然后单击“激活”。

    5. Proceed to the plugin settings page (under Settings > Dottoro Highlighter) to configure your plugin.
    6. 进入插件设置页面(在“设置”> Dottoro Highlighter下)以配置您的插件。

    If you have any installation problems or configuration issues, please contact us at info@dottoro.com.