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Free Downloads WooCommerce is the definitive plugin for offering free downloads on your WooCommerce store.

免费下载WooCommerce 是确定的插件,可在您的WooCommerce商店提供免费下载。

It allows users to bypass the checkout to download your free products, supports single and multiple files, works with WooCommerce Memberships, and is highly customisable.


This plugin has been designed for content creators and distributors to fully take advantage of their digital store.


Whether you sell audio files, course documentation, themes and plugins, or just want to offer digital catalogues for your tangible products, Free Downloads WooCommerce allows your visitors to get to your free downloads with ease.

无论您是出售音频文件,课程文档,主题和插件,还是只想为有形产品提供数字目录,免费下载WooCommerce 都可以使访问者轻松获得免费下载。



This plugin is safe and rock-solid secure, and everything is handled by your server including authentication, so you don’t have to worry.


Free Downloads WooCommerce is also fully integrated with the official Memberships and Subscriptions plugins for WooCommerce.

免费下载WooCommerce 还与WooCommerce的官方会员订阅插件完全集成。

Basic Edition


What you can expect in the basic free version.


    • Free digital products can be downloaded by your users without going through the checkout.
    • 您的用户无需下载结帐即可下载免费的数字产品。

    • Supports downloading products straight from the shop listings pages.
    • 支持直接从商店列表页面下载产品。

    • Allow free downloading of customer owned digital products from product pages
    • 允许从产品页面免费下载客户拥有的数字产品

    • Custom WooCommerce Quick View feature
    • 自定义WooCommerce快速查看功能

    • Built-in support for PDF files.
    • 对PDF文件的内置支持。

    • Built-in support for WooCommerce Memberships and Subscriptions, allowing you to tailor the plugin to your needs.
    • 对WooCommerce会员资格和订阅的内置支持,使您可以根据需要定制插件。

    • Fully supports products with multiple files, with several layout options to choose from.
    • 完全支持具有多个文件的产品,并提供几种布局选项供您选择。

    • Download buttons and links will automatically style to match your theme.
    • 下载按钮和链接将自动设置样式以匹配您的主题。

    • Add custom CSS and HTML classes to the download buttons and links for extra visual customisation.
    • 将自定义CSS和HTML类添加到下载按钮和链接,以进行额外的视觉自定义。

    Pro Edition


    Buy Free Downloads WooCommerce Pro today and get access to these amazing features!

    立即购买免费下载WooCommerce Pro,即可使用这些惊人的功能!

      • Advanced Product Restrictions: Restrict free downloads by products, categories and tags.
      • 高级产品限制:按产品,类别和标签限制免费下载。

      • Variable and Grouped Products: Full support for grouped and variable products.
      • 可变和分组产品:完全支持分组和可变产品。

      • Multiple Download Delivery Methods: Option to serve your downloads after redirecting to a page or emailing a link.
      • 多种下载传送方式::在重定向到页面或通过电子邮件发送链接后提供下载内容的选项。

      • WooCommerce PDF Watermark: Compatibility with the official WooCommerce PDF Watermark plugin.
      • WooCommerce PDF水印:与官方的WooCommerce PDF水印插件兼容。

      • Download limitations: Restrict your users to a set number of free downloads per day/week/month/year.

      • 下载限制:每天/每周/每月/每年将您的用户限制为一定数量的免费下载。

        Users with WooCommerce Membership plans can even be excluded!

      • 拥有WooCommerce会员计划的用户甚至可以被排除在外!

      • Download tracking with reporting: Keep a record of every free download showing the product, variation (if applicable), date, user, email address and IP address.
      • 具有报告的下载跟踪:记录每次免费下载,其中显示产品,版本(如果适用),日期,用户,电子邮件地址和IP地址。

      • Account download history: Show a list of the user’s free download history on their WooCommerce account page.
      • 帐户下载历史记录::在其WooCommerce帐户页面上显示用户的免费下载历史记录列表。

      • Email capture: Ask your guest users for their email address before downloading, including subscribing them to your MailChimp newsletter!
      • 电子邮件捕获::下载之前,请您的来宾用户提供其电子邮件地址,包括将其订阅到MailChimp新闻中!

      • Paid Member Subscriptions: Compatibility with Paid Member Subscriptions plugin by Cozmoslabs.
      • 付费会员订阅:与Cozmoslabs的付费会员订阅插件兼容。

      • Woocommerce Products List: Compatibility with Woocommerce Products List plugin.
      • Woocommerce产品列表:与Woocommerce产品列表插件的兼容性。

      • Premium support: You never have to worry about plugin support.

      • 高级支持:您不必担心插件支持。

        We’re here when you need it.

      • 当您需要时我们会在这里。

      • One-click updates: Enjoy the simple, one-click updates that you’re used to with WordPress plugins.
      • 一键更新::享受WordPress插件惯用的简单一键更新。

      Get it here


      How it works


      By default any downloadable products that are free will be affected by this plugin.


      There is an option in the plugin settings if you would like to include paid items that are on sale for free, by default they aren’t.


      However, the plugin works right out of the box as it should, and only requires customising if you want to.


      Rather than the Add to Cart button showing on product pages, site visitors will be presented with a download button, or for multiple files on a single product a set of links to each individual file will show



      You can customise the experience for your visitors with several display options from links, to buttons, and even checkboxes.


      Once clicked the file will be securely downloaded automatically.


      For multiple files, the plugin dynamically creates a zip file that includes all the files for that product, and downloads that instead.




      The plugin can be customised in several ways including how the download buttons or links are presented, their appearance, should users be logged in, and more.


      Check out the plugin settings page for everything.




      Full supporting documentation is included with the plugin, available on the plugin settings page.


      There’s a user guide, explanation of every setting, and FAQ with support forum links.



Manually in WordPress


    1. Download the plugin ZIP file from WordPress.org
    2. 从WordPress.org下载插件ZIP文件

    3. From the WordPress admin dashboard go to Plugins, Add New
    4. 从WordPress管理控制台中转到“插件,添加新内容”

    5. Click Upload Plugin, locate the file, upload
    6. 单击“上传插件”,找到文件,然后上传

    7. In the WordPress dashboard go to Plugins, Installed Plugins, and activate Free Downloads WooCommerce
    8. 在WordPress仪表板中,转到“插件”,“已安装插件”,然后激活免费下载WooCommerce

    Manually using FTP


      1. Download the plugin ZIP file, extract it
      2. 下载插件ZIP文件,将其解压缩

      3. FTP to your server and go to your root WordPress directory
      4. FTP到您的服务器,然后转到WordPress根目录

      5. Navigate to wp-content/plugins
      6. 导航到wp-content / plugins

      7. Upload the parent directory download-now-for-woocommerce – the folder that contains the file som-woocommerce-download-now.php – to that location
      8. 将父目录 download-now-for-woocommerce (包含文件som-woocommerce-download-now.php的文件夹)上载到该位置

      9. In the WordPress dashboard go to Plugins, Installed Plugins, and activate Free Downloads WooCommerce
      10. 在WordPress仪表板中,转到“插件”,“已安装插件”,然后激活免费下载WooCommerce

      You can customise Free Downloads WooCommerce on the Plugins, Free Downloads dashboard page.