[wordpress插件] DPD Cart PluginDPD购物车插件

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To get a DPD account visit: http://getdpd.com

要获取DPD帐户,请访问: http://getdpd.com

How it Works:


The DPD-Cart plugin connects via an API to the DPD system to automatically pull your available storefronts and storefront products in to your WordPress blog.


From there, you can specify which storefront to associate with your WordPress blog, add a add a shop and optionally product pages to your site, and insert DPD add-to-cart buttons to any WordPress post or page by simply selecting the product you want


from your list of configured and available products.




    • Communicates automatically via a DPD API
    • 通过DPD API自动通信

    • Selectable DPD Store to associate with your blog
    • 可选择的DPD商店以与您的博客关联

    • Easy add-to-cart button insertion on posts and pages using a DPD-Cart editor button and simple dropdown list
    • 使用DPD-Cart编辑器按钮和简单的下拉列表,轻松在帖子和页面上添加购物车按钮

    • Customizable shortcode templates allow you to modify the design and layout of the shop and product pages.
    • 可定制的简码模板允许您修改商店和产品页面的设计和布局。

    • Customizable button display colors, sizes, and price/position in the plugin admin.
    • 可自定义的按钮在插件管理中显示颜色,大小和价格/位置。

    Getting Started


      1. Add plugin to wordpress using the plugin browser or uploading the zip.
      2. 使用插件浏览器或上传zip将插件添加到wordpress。

      3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
      4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

      5. In the WordPress admin go to Settings > DPD Cart Plugin.
      6. 在WordPress管理员中,转到“设置”>“ DPD购物车插件”。

      7. Enter DPD username and API Key, found in DPD on your user profile page.
      8. 输入DPD用户名和API密钥,可在您的用户个人资料页面上的DPD中找到。

      9. Save Changes.
      10. 保存更改。

      11. Stores will load once you’ve connected to the DPD API.

      12. 连接到DPD API后,商店就会加载。

        Now, select the store you want to use and other preferences.

      13. 现在,选择要使用的商店和其他首选项。

      14. Save Changes.
      15. 保存更改。

      16. Create the shop and product pages as outlined below.
      17. 按如下所述创建商店和产品页面。

      Creating Shop page


        1. From WordPress Dashboard go to Pages > Add New
        2. 从WordPress控制台转到“页面”>“添加新内容”

        3. Use shortcode that meets your requirements.

        4. 使用符合您要求的简码。

            • Grid Layout – [dpdcart-store layout=grid]
            • 网格布局– [dpdcart-store layout = grid]

            • List Layout – [dpdcart-store layout=list]
            • 列表布局– [dpdcart-store布局=列表]

          • From WordPress Dashboard Go to Settings > DPD Cart Plugin.
          • 从WordPress控制台转到“设置”>“ DPD购物车插件”。

          • Select newly created page as shop page.
          • 选择新创建的页面作为商店页面。

          • Save Changes.
          • 保存更改。

        Creating (optional) Product Page


          1. From WordPress Dashboard go to Pages > Add New
          2. 从WordPress控制台转到“页面”>“添加新内容”

          3. Use shortcode- [dpdcart-product-page]
          4. 使用简码-[dpdcart-product-page]

          5. From WordPress Dashboard Go to Settings > DPD Cart Plugin.
          6. 从WordPress控制台转到“设置”>“ DPD购物车插件”。

          7. Select newly created page as product page.
          8. 选择新创建的页面作为产品页面。

          9. Save Changes.
          10. 保存更改。

          Manually editing buttons used in posts and pages editors


            1. Use shortcode [dpdcart id=’xxxxxxx’]

              使用简码[dpdcart id ='xxxxxxx']

                • id (required) – DPD Product ID (Found in the DPD admin)
                • id(必填)– DPD产品ID(在DPD管理员中找到)

                • text (optional) – Text on Button (Default- Settings for button text on store page.)
                • 文本(可选)–按钮上的文本(默认-商店页面上按钮文本的设置。)

                • size (optional) – ‘small’, ‘medium’ or, ‘large’ (Default- Settings for button size on store page.)
                • 大小(可选)–“小”,“中”或“大”(默认-商店页面上按钮大小的设置。)

                • color (optional) – HexColor eg.

                • color(可选)– HexColor,例如

                  #000000 (Default- Settings for button color on store page.)

                • #000000(默认-商店页面上按钮颜色的设置。)

                • hover_color (optional) – HexColor eg.

                • hover_color(可选)– HexColor,例如

                  #000000 (Default- Settings for button hover color on store page.)

                • #000000(默认-商店页面上按钮悬停颜色的设置。)

                • text_color (optional) – HexColor eg.

                • text_color(可选)– HexColor,例如

                  #000000 (Default- Settings for button text color on store page.)

                • #000000(默认-商店页面上按钮文字颜色的设置。)

                • lightbox (optional) – 1 or 0 (Default- Settings for use lightbox?.)
                • 灯箱(可选)– 1或0(默认值-使用灯箱的设置?。)

                • price_position (optional) – ‘none’,’top’,’left’,’right’ (Default- Settings for store page price position.)
                • price_position(可选)–'none','top','left','right'(默认值-商店页面价格位置的设置。)

                • price_color (optional) – HexColor eg.

                • price_color(可选)– HexColor,例如

                  #000000 (Default- Settings for store page price color.)

                • #000000(默认-商店页面价格颜色的设置。)

                • price_bg_color (optional) – HexColor eg.

                • price_bg_color(可选)– HexColor,例如

                  #000000 (Default- Settings for store page price background color.)

                • #000000(默认-商店页面价格背景颜色的设置。)

              • Use Gutenberg Block to insert button


                  • Select the DPD Button block type and choose your options
                  • 选择DPD按钮块类型,然后选择您的选项