[wordpress插件] Dreamstime Stock PhotosDreamstime库存照片

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Insert stock photos & images easily & safely into your posts and pages from the largest selection of free images and professional stock photos online without leaving WordPress.


The Dreamstime plugin enhances your WordPress workflow by allowing you to download royalty-free and public domain images directly from Dreamstime’s database of millions of free stock photos and commercial Royalty-Free images from within the WordPress Add Media tool.

Dreamstime插件可让您直接从Dreamstime的WordPress Add Media工具中的数百万张免费照片和商业免税图片数据库中下载免版税和公共领域的图片,从而增强了WordPress工作流程。

All images are model released and properly attributed so they are 100% safe to use without ever having to worry about model or photographer claims.


For current Dreamstime users, the plugin is linked to your existing account so if you’ve already purchased an image prior to installing the WordPress plugin, you won’t have to purchase the same image again.


New users can quickly sign up a free account at Dreamstime.com.


Dreamstime contributors can add their own images to their blog articles without having to pay for them.


You can also make money with the automatic Dreamstime referral program integration.


Using the automatically generated referral links you will receive 10% of all sales and uploads made within the first 3 years for each user you refer!




    • Over 114,000,000 free and Royalty-Free stock photos and illustrations to choose from
    • 超过114,000,000种免费和免版税的图片和插图可供选择

    • Insert images and illustrations directly into your posts or pages with ease with seamless Dreamstime account integration
    • 通过Dreamstime帐户的无缝集成轻松地将图像和插图直接插入您的帖子或页面中

    • 100% safe, model-released images
    • 100%安全的模型发布图像

    • Image attribution automatically added
    • 自动添加图片归因

    • Earn 10% referral commissions with automatically generated referral links
    • 使用自动生成的推荐链接赚取10%的推荐佣金

    • Thousands of free stock photos and public domain (CC0) images available
    • 提供数千张免费图片和公共领域(CC0)图片


    1. Extract the contents of the zip archive to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard -> plugins -> add new menu
    2. 将zip存档的内容提取到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录中,或从WordPress仪表板安装插件->插件->添加新菜单

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. Use Add Dreamstime Media button when you create/modify your posts or pages.
    6. 在创建或修改帖子或页面时,

    7. 使用添加Dreamstime媒体按钮。