[wordpress插件] DS Woocommerce Order Email ExportDS Woocommerce订购电子邮件导出

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DS Woocommerce Order Email Export allows admin to export customer’s email addresses and other information like Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address.

DS Woocommerce订单电子邮件导出功能允许管理员导出客户的电子邮件地址和其他信息,例如姓名,账单地址,送货地址。

This plugin provide information in the CSV format file based upon the selected options.


It simply adds a new tab “Customer Emails” under Woocommerce => Settings.

只需在Woocommerce =>设置下添加一个新标签“客户电子邮件”即可。

General Features


    • CSV file download.
    • 下载CSV文件。

    • Exports information from placed orders.
    • 从下订单中导出信息。

    • Primarily exports email addresses.
    • 主要导出电子邮件地址。

    • Option to remove duplicate emails in CSV.
    • 用于删除CSV中重复的电子邮件的选项。

    • Other option to include customer name, billing address, shipping address in CSV.
    • 其他选项,以CSV格式包含客户名称,帐单邮寄地址,送货地址。

    • Option to export between selected date range.
    • 在选定的日期范围之间导出的选项。

    • Works well with other plugins.
    • 与其他插件配合良好。

    • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.* and 2.1.*
    • 兼容WooCommerce 2.0。*和2.1。*



      • The plugin required woocommerce to be installed and working properly.
      • 该插件需要woocommerce才能安装并正常工作。

      • After installation and activation, a new tab will be added under Woocommerce => Settings with title “Customer Emails”
      • 安装和激活后,将在Woocommerce => Settings下添加一个标题为“ Customer Emails”的新标签


    1. Download the Plugin ‘woocommerce-export-customer-email.zip’
    2. 下载插件“ woocommerce-export-customer-email.zip”

    3. Extract zip and upload the plugin in ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory Or directly install the plugin from wordpress admin plugin installer.
    4. 解压缩zip文件并将其上传到“ wp-content / plugins /”目录中,或者直接从wordpress管理员插件安装程序中安装插件。

    5. Activate the plugin.
    6. 激活插件。

    7. Go to WooCommerce => Settings and you will see “Customer Emails” tab.

    8. 转到WooCommerce =>设置,您将看到“客户电子邮件”标签。

      Click on it and you will find the options.

    9. 单击它,您将找到选项。