[wordpress插件] Clearpay Gateway for WooCommerceWooCommerce的Clearpay网关

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Give your customers the option to buy now and pay later with Clearpay.


The “Clearpay Gateway for WooCommerce” plugin provides the option to choose Clearpay as the payment method at the checkout.

“ Clearpay WooCommerce网关”插件提供了在结帐时选择Clearpay作为付款方式的选项。

It also provides the functionality to display the Clearpay logo and instalment calculations below product prices on category pages, individual product pages, and on the cart page.


For each payment that is approved by Clearpay, an order will be created inside the WooCommerce system like any other order.


Automatic refunds are also supported.



This section outlines the steps to install the Clearpay plugin.


Please note: If you are upgrading to a newer version of the Clearpay plugin, it is considered best practice to perform a backup of your website – including the WordPress database – before commencing the installation steps.


Clearpay recommends all system and plugin updates to be tested in a staging environment prior to deployment to production.


    1. Login to your WordPress admin.
    2. 登录到WordPress管理员。

    3. Navigate to “Plugins > Add New”.
    4. 导航至“插件>添加新内容”。

    5. Type “Clearpay” into the Keyword search box and press the Enter key.
    6. 在“关键字”搜索框中输入“ Clearpay”,然后按Enter键。

    7. Find the “Clearpay Gateway for WooCommerce” plugin.

    8. 找到“ WooCommerce的Clearpay网关”插件。

      Note: the plugin is made by “Clearpay”.

    9. 注意:该插件是由“ Clearpay”制作的。

    10. Click the “Install Now” button.
    11. 单击“立即安装”按钮。

    12. Click the “Activate” button.
    13. 单击“激活”按钮。

    14. Navigate to “WooCommerce > Settings”.
    15. 导航到“ WooCommerce>设置”。

    16. Click the “Checkout” tab.
    17. 点击“结帐”标签。

    18. Click the “Clearpay” sub-tab.
    19. 点击“清除付款”子标签。

    20. Enter the Merchant ID and Secret Key that were provided by Clearpay for Production use.
    21. 输入由Clearpay提供供生产使用的商户ID和密钥。

    22. Save changes.
    23. 保存更改。