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Clicface Organi is a great plugin for WordPress to create employee org charts.

Clicface Organi是WordPress创建员工组织结构图的绝佳插件。

This is the perfect solution for organizations, teams and associations.


Clicface Organi works with Clicface Trombi, as it uses Clicface Trombi employee database to generate org charts.

Clicface Organi与Clicface Trombi一起使用,因为它使用Clicface Trombi员工数据库来生成组织结构图。

It’s the perfect solution to build very easily the org chart of any company.


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    • Easy integration
    • 轻松集成

    • Drag’n Drop moves to create the org chart
    • 拖放操作以创建组织结构图

    • Show employee’s details in a new window or a lightbox
    • 在新窗口或灯箱中显示员工的详细信息

    • Custom Styles
    • 自定义样式

    • Insert any employee (up to 10)
    • 插入任何员工(最多10名)

    • Insert any Label (up to 10): a box where you can type anything you want
    • 插入任何标签(最多10个):您可以在其中输入任何内容的框

    • Works with Clicface Trombi, to keep your employee data up to date
    • 与Clicface Trombi合作,以使您的员工数据保持最新状态

    Supported languages:


      • English
      • 英语

      • French
      • 法语


To use Clicface Organi, you must first install the Clicface Trombi plugin.

要使用Clicface Organi,您必须首先安装 Clicface Trombi插件

    1. Go to Plugins > Add New
    2. 转到插件>添加新

    3. Under Search, type in the name of the WordPress Plugin : clicface trombi
    4. 搜索下,键入WordPress插件的名称: clicface trombi

    5. Click Install Now, then Proceed
    6. 点击立即安装,然后点击继续

    7. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it
    8. 如果成功,请单击激活插件以将其激活

    9. Do the same steps for Clicface Organi plugin: go to Plugins > Add New
    10. Clicface Organi 插件执行相同的步骤:转到插件>添加新

    11. Under Search, type in the name of the WordPress Plugin : clicface organi
    12. 搜索下,键入WordPress插件的名称: clicface organi

    13. Click Install Now, then Proceed
    14. 点击立即安装,然后点击继续

    15. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it
    16. 如果成功,请单击激活插件以将其激活

    Then, you can begin to add Divisions, Worksites and Employees in the directory under the Employees tab: this is the Clicface Trombi part.

    然后,您可以在 Employees 标签下的目录中开始添加Divisions,Worksite和Employees:这是Clicface Trombi部件。

    To create a new org chart, go to the Org Charts tab, and choose the first employee to show.


    Inside the article or page you want, insert the code below in the HTML tab.


    The org chart will appear:


      • For the Free version : [clicface-organi id=”XXX”]
      • 对于免费版本: [clicface-organi id =” XXX”]

      • For the Standard version : [clicface-organi-std id=”XXX”]
      • 对于标准版本: [clicface-organi-std id =” XXX”]