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Click to Tweet: The #1 WordPress Plugin for Twitter

点击鸣叫:Twitter的#1 WordPress插件

Click to Tweet is the easiest way to promote your content and encourage your audience to share it on Twitter through active prompts and optimal usability.


So how does it work?


After installation and activation, bloggers and content managers can create click to tweet text or image boxes comprised of relevant excerpts from a blog post or page.


Because the plugin accommodates a myriad of styles, if there’s new or revised content to disperse, Click to Tweet can facilitate it via highly customizable displays and themed templates.


Click to Tweet is the professional, noninvasive way to ask subscribers and visitors to share content while giving them a single-click pathway to completion.


If you want your content to be shared, you absolutely must make it easy.


Click to Tweet is successful because of its simple, effective promotion that adheres to the character count parameters of Twitter.

Click to Tweet之所以成功,是因为它遵循Twitter字符数参数的简单,有效的促销方式。

You can also include Twitter usernames automatically to increase social media followers even more!


Plugin Features


    • Both the app and plugin are free to install and include five full-featured links with an automatic URL shortening service, full scale tracking including location, and analytics to monitor site traffic and overall engagement.
    • 该应用程序和插件均可免费安装,并包括五个具有自动URL缩短服务的全功能链接,包括位置的全面跟踪以及用于监视网站流量和总体参与度的分析。

    • Upgrades to unlimited plans are available for an affordable cost of $4.97 per month for Pro and $49.70 per year for Expert (receive 2 months free).

    • 升级到无限计划的费用为Pro每月$ 4.97,Expert每年$ 49.70(可免费使用2个月)。

      Both membership options include unlimited links.

    • 两种会员资格选项均包含无限链接。

    • Link tracking allows users to take advantage of automatic link shortening and statistics of each embedded link.

    • 链接跟踪使用户可以利用自动缩短链接和统计每个嵌入式链接的优势。

      Click tracking provides detailed analytics on the Click to Tweet link such as total number, date, and location of clicks.

    • 点击跟踪可在“点击发送”链接上提供详细的分析,例如点击总数,日期和位置。

    • Click to Tweet links are automatically embedded and fully editable.

    • Click to Tweet链接会自动嵌入并且可以完全编辑。

      Links can be categorized using folders by topic, date range, etc. for quick reference.

    • 可以使用文件夹按主题,日期范围等对链接进行分类,以便快速参考。

    • Lots of themes to choose from to really make your tweetable links stand out!

    • 众多主题可供选择,真正使您的可发布链接脱颖而出!

      Fully customize the display box that appears including colors, text, images, and more.

    • 完全自定义显示的显示框,其中包括颜色,文本,图像等。

    For more information, support, or to download the desktop app, visit http://clicktotweet.com.



There are 2 different ways to quickly and easily get this plugin installed on your website, listed below for your reference.


WordPress Administrator Panel


WordPress admin section installation is the easiest option to install a plugin as WordPress handles the file transfers itself.


To complete a WordPress admin section installation for the Click To Tweet plugin, you’ll need to log in and navigate to the “Plugins” menu.

要完成Click To Tweet插件的WordPress管理员部分安装,您需要登录并导航至“插件”菜单。

Click on the “Add New” option at the top of the page.


In the search field at the right side, type “click to tweet” and perform the search.

在右侧的搜索字段中,键入“单击以鸣叫” 并执行搜索。

The first plugin listed is ours!


Once you’ve found the plugin in the search results, you can view the details about it such as the point release, rating and description.


In order to install the plugin, you just need to click “Install Now” and you will be asked if you’re sure you want to install the plugin.


Please click “Yes” and WordPress will automatically complete the installation process.


Within the configuration file of your website, if “FS_METHOD” is set to direct and you try to install the plugin from the admin section, it will prompt you to fill in the FTP credentials of your

在您网站的配置文件中,如果“ FS_METHOD” 设置为direct,并且您尝试从管理部分安装插件,它将提示您填写您的FTP凭据

website and upon posting the same, it will install the plugin.


Using File Transfer Protocol


The manual installation involves downloading the Click To Tweet plugin from the WordPress directory and then uploading it to your webserver via the FTP application.

手动安装包括从WordPress目录下载Click To Tweet插件,然后通过FTP应用程序将其上传到Web服务器。

In this case, you need to perform the following steps:


1. Download the plugin file to your computer and unzip it.


2. Using a FTP application, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.

2.使用FTP应用程序或主机控制面板,将解压缩的插件文件夹上载到WordPress安装的wp-content / plugins /目录。

3. Activate the plugin from the plugins menu within the admin section.


Final Step


Once you are finished with the installation process, head over to the Settings -> Click To Tweet menu in WordPress to ensure you can connect with your Twitter account.