[wordpress插件] Closer: Chat & Video Calls for Sales结束语:聊天和视频通话销售

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Closer – a conversational business platform that’s much more than a chat.

Closer –对话式业务平台,不仅仅只是聊天。

Combining ultra-fast messaging with screen sharing, co-browsing, HD audio & video calls and bots allows you to move from lead capture widgets to a complete deal closer solution.


A free plan is available!


What do you get with Closer


    • Ultra-fast chat.

    • 超快速聊天。

      Interact with your customers using text, images, emojis and more

    • 使用文本,图像,表情符号等与您的客户互动

    • HD video & audio calls with customers while they’re on your website.

    • 与客户在您的网站上进行高清视频和音频通话。

      Give your customers the best experience possible with high-definition audio and video conversations from any browser or mobile device

    • 通过任何浏览器或移动设备进行高清音频和视频对话,为您的客户提供最好的体验

    • A dedicated presentation mode.

    • 专用的演示模式。

      Easily share your screen with customers

    • 与客户轻松共享屏幕

    • Online meetings scheduling with your leads.

    • 与您的潜在客户安排在线会议。

      Book your demos with a few taps and effortlessly convert leads to customers

    • 轻按几下即可预订演示,轻松将潜在客户转化为客户

    • Unlimited file uploads.

    • 无限的文件上传。

      Share and receive photos, videos, and any other documents with your customers

    • 与您的客户共享和接收照片,视频和任何其他文档

    • Customers can switch between desktop and mobile.

    • 客户可以在台式机和移动设备之间切换。

      Cross-device continuity for your customers – they can switch between devices having the same conversations

    • 客户的跨设备连续性–他们可以在具有相同会话的设备之间切换

    • Contact history in a unified communication stream.

    • 统一通信流中的联系历史记录。

      See the details of every customer interaction at a second’s notice.

    • 立即获得与客户互动的详细信息。

    Closer helps your team close more deals from the first minutes, and they will love it.



    1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
    2. 将插件文件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / plugin-name 目录,或直接通过WordPress插件屏幕安装插件。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”屏幕激活插件

    5. Open the “Closer Settings” screen in the main menu to configure the plugin
    6. 打开主菜单中的“ Closer Settings”屏幕以配置插件

    7. Enter the Company ID found in your Closer Dashboard -> Profile & Settings -> Widget configuration.

    8. 输入在“关闭者控制台”中找到的公司ID->配置文件和设置->小部件配置。

      If you don’t have a Closer account yet, create one for free at https://closer.app

    9. 如果您还没有Closer帐户,请通过https://closer.app 免费创建一个