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CMS2CMS Connector Plugin is designed to make your website migration become an effortless, flawless and automated process.


This plugin establishes the connection between your Existing website built on any platform and the New WordPress site.


It also works vice versa, in case you want to migrate your content from WordPress CMS.

反之亦然,以防您要从WordPress CMS迁移内容。



To find more detailed information about CMS2CMS Connector Plugin, you can check FAQ section.


In case you didn’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ section, check the CMS2CMS support forum on WordPress.org.


If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it.


Major Advantages of Migration with CMS2CMS


    • Free Demo Migration provides with a possibility to observe the migration outcome beforehand;
    • 免费演示迁移可让您预先观察迁移结果;

    • The average migration time is from several minutes to several hours.

    • 平均迁移时间为几分钟到几小时。

      Timing depends on how many content items you’re going to move from your Existing website to the New one;

    • 时间取决于您要从现有网站移至新网站的内容项的数量;

    • Migrate the content you want.

    • 迁移所需的内容。

      Choose how you want it to be and look on your New website (Data ‘Mapping’ option);

    • 选择您要的样子并在新网站上显示(数据“映射”选项);

    • Complete data migration price depends on the content volume you’re about to migrate.
    • 完全数据迁移的价格取决于您要迁移的内容量。


    兼容于:WORDPRESS 4.1.X – 5.0.X。

      • Live help is available.

      • 可以提供实时帮助。

        Our support team is here 24/7.

      • 我们的支持团队在这里24/7。

      • When a custom migration is needed, CMS2CMS offers data migration service packages to order.
      • 当需要自定义迁移时,CMS2CMS将提供按需订购的数据迁移服务包。

      With this CMS2CMS Connector Plugin you can establish the connection between your:


        • Wix and WordPress websites;
        • Wix和WordPress网站;

        • Joomla and WordPress websites;
        • Joomla和WordPress网站;

        • Drupal and WordPress websites;
        • Drupal和WordPress网站;

        • Concrete5 and WordPress websites;
        • Concrete5和WordPress网站;

        • MediaWiki and WordPress websites;
        • MediaWiki和WordPress网站;

        • SilverStripe and WordPress websites;
        • SilverStripe和WordPress网站;

        • TYPO3 and WordPress websites;
        • TYPO3和WordPress网站;

        • SquareSpace and WordPress websites;
        • SquareSpace和WordPress网站;

        • Blogger and WordPress websites;
        • 博客和WordPress网站;

        • Weebly and WordPress websites;
        • Weebly和WordPress网站;

        • HTML and WordPress websites;
        • HTML和WordPress网站;

        • DNN and WordPress websites;
        • DNN和WordPress网站;

        • Plone and WordPress websites;
        • 克隆和WordPress网站;

        • Umbraco and WordPress websites;
        • Umbraco和WordPress网站;

        • ExpressionEngine and WordPress websites;
        • ExpressionEngine和WordPress网站;

        • PHP-Fusion and WordPress websites;
        • PHP-Fusion和WordPress网站;

        • Sitefinity and WordPress websites;
        • Sitefinity和WordPress网站;

        • Movable Type and WordPress websites;
        • 可移动类型和WordPress网站;

        • Modx and WordPress websites;
        • Modx和WordPress网站;

        • Tumblr and WordPress websites;
        • Tumblr和WordPress网站;

        • Jimdo and WordPress websites;
        • Jimdo和WordPress网站;

        • Contao and WordPress websites;
        • Contao和WordPress网站;

        • Kentico and WordPress websites;
        • Kentico和WordPress网站;

        • Sitecore and WordPress websites;
        • Sitecore和WordPress网站;

        • uCoz and WordPress websites,
        • uCoz和WordPress网站,

        • and others.
        • 和其他人。


    1. Download the plugin zip file.
    2. 下载插件zip文件。

    3. Go to the Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.
    4. 转到管理面板->插件->添加新->上传插件。

    5. Choose the downloaded file in zip format and click the “Install Now” button.
    6. 以zip格式选择下载的文件,然后单击“立即安装”按钮。

    7. Go to Admin -> Plugins, activate the “CMS2CMS Connector”.
    8. 转到“管理”->“插件”,激活“ CMS2CMS连接器”。

    9. Register an account or sign in to the existing one.
    10. 注册一个帐户或登录现有帐户。

    11. Click on the “Proceed” button.

    12. 单击“继续”按钮。

      You’ll be redirected to the CMS2CMS website to proceed with your migration.

    13. 您将被重定向到CMS2CMS网站以继续进行迁移。