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CodeColorer is the plugin which allows you to insert code snippets into the post with nice syntax highlighting.


Plugin based on GeSHi library, which supports most languages.


CodeColorer has various nice features:


    • syntax highlighting in RSS feeds
    • RSS提要中的语法突出显示

    • syntax highlighting of a single line of code (inline)
    • 单行代码(内联)的语法突出显示

    • syntax highlighting of code in comments
    • 注释中代码的语法高亮显示

    • line numbers
    • 行号

    • automatic links to the documentation inserting
    • 自动链接到文档插入

    • code block intelligent scroll detection (short code would have a short block, for a long one the block height would be fixed and a scrollbar would appear)
    • 代码块智能滚动检测(短代码将包含一个较短的块,较长的代码将固定该块的高度并出现滚动条)

    • predefined color themes (Slush & Poppies, Blackboard, Dawn, Mac Classic, Twitlight, Vibrant Ink, Railscasts, Solarized Light, Solarized Dark)
    • 预定义的颜色主题(雪色和罂粟花,黑板,黎明,Mac Classic,Twitlight,充满活力的墨水,Railscasts,日光灯,日光灯黑暗)

    • syntax colors customization in CSS file
    • CSS文件中的语法颜色自定义

    • code protect from mangling by WordPress (for example, quotes, double-dashes, and others would look just right as you entered)
    • 保护代码免受WordPress破坏(例如,引号,双破折号和其他字符在您输入时看起来就正确)



    If you have any suggestions, found a bug, wanted to contribute a translation to your language, or just wanted to say “thank you”,– feel free to email me kpumuk@kpumuk.info.

    “ rel =” nofollow“> kpumuk@kpumuk.info 。

    Promise, I will answer every email I received.


    If you want to contribute your code, see the Development section under the Other Notes tab.


    Supported languages


    Here is list of supported by CodeColorer languages: 4cs, 6502acme, 6502kickass, 6502tasm, 68000devpac, abap, actionscript, actionscript3, ada, aimms, algol68, apache, applescript, apt_sources, arm, asm, asp, asymptote, autoconf,


    autohotkey, autoit, avisynth, awk, bascomavr, bash, basic4gl, batch, bf, biblatex, bibtex, blitzbasic, bnf, boo, c, c_loadrunner, c_mac, c_winapi, caddcl, cadlisp, ceylon, cfdg, cfm, chaiscript, chapel,


    cil, clojure, cmake, cobol, coffeescript, cpp-qt, cpp-winapi, cpp, csharp, css, cuesheet, d, dart, dcl, dcpu16, dcs, delphi, diff, div, dos, dot, e, ecmascript,


    eiffel, email, epc, erlang, euphoria, ezt, f1, falcon, fo, fortran, freebasic, freeswitch, fsharp, gambas, gdb, genero, genie, gettext, glsl, gml, gnuplot, go, groovy, gwbasic, haskell,


    haxe, hicest, hq9plus, html4strict, html5, icon, idl, ini, inno, intercal, io, ispfpanel, j, java, java5, javascript, jcl, jquery, julia, julia, kixtart, klonec, klonecpp, kotlin, latex,


    lb, ldif, lisp, llvm, locobasic


    , logtalk, lolcode, lotusformulas, lotusscript, lscript, lsl2, lua, m68k, magiksf, make, mapbasic, mathematica, matlab, mercury, metapost, mirc, mk-61, mmix, modula2, modula3, mpasm, mxml, mysql, nagios


    , netrexx, newlisp, nginx, nimrod, nsis, oberon2, objc, objeck, ocaml-brief, ocaml, octave, oobas, oorexx, oracle11, oracle8, oxygene, oz, parasail, parigp, pascal, pcre, per, perl, perl6


    , pf, phix, php-brief, php, pic16, pike, pixelbender, pli, plsql, postgresql, postscript, povray, powerbuilder, powershell, proftpd, progress, prolog, properties, providex, purebasic, pycon, pys60, python, q


    , qbasic, qml, racket, rails, rbs, rebol, reg, rexx, robots, rpmspec, rsplus, ruby, rust, sas, sass, scala, scheme, scilab, scl, sdlbasic, smalltalk, smarty, spark, sparql, sql


    , standardml, stonescript, swift, systemverilog, tcl, tclegg, teraterm, texgraph, text, thinbasic, tsql, twig, typoscript, unicon, upc, urbi, uscript, vala, vb, vbnet, vbscript, vedit, verilog, vhdl, vim


    , visualfoxpro, visualpro


    log, whitespace, whois, winbatch, xbasic, xml, xojo, xorg_conf, xpp, xyscript, yaml, z80, zxbasic.




    Sources of this plugin are available both in SVN and Git:


      Feel free to check them out, make your changes and send me patches or pull requests.


      Promise, I will apply every patch (of course, if they add a value to the product).


      Email for patches, suggestions, or bug reports: kpumuk@kpumuk.info.

      通过电子邮件发送补丁,建议或错误报告: kpumuk@kpumuk.info

      If you're interested in translating CodeColorer to your language, please check out the translation page


      for the plugin.




      Syntax coloring is highly customizable: you could change the color scheme for all languages or a specific language.


      You could find CodeColorer CSS in wp-content/plugins/codecolorer/codecolorer.css file.

      您可以在 wp-content / plugins / codecolorer / codecolorer.css 文件中找到CodeColorer CSS。

      To change colors for all languages edit lines below Color scheme section.


      There is simple mapping exists between Textmate color themes and CodeColorer ones:


      /* "Slush & Poppies" color scheme (default) */

        / *“ Slush&Poppies”配色方案(默认)* /

      .codecolorer-container, .codecolorer { color: #000000;

      .codecolorer-container,.codecolorer {color:#000000;

      background-color: #F1F1F1;




      /* Comment */

      / *评论* /

      .codecolorer .co0, .codecolorer .co1, .codecolorer .co2, .codecolorer .co3, .codecolorer .co4, .codecolorer .coMULTI { color: #406040;

      .codecolorer .co0,.codecolorer .co1,.codecolorer .co2,.codecolorer .co3,.codecolorer .co4,.codecolorer .coMULTI {color:#406040;

      font-style: italic;




      /* Constant */

      /* 不变 */

      .codecolorer .nu0, .codecolorer .re3 { color: #0080A0;

      .codecolorer .nu0,.codecolorer .re3 {color:#0080A0;



      /* String */

      / *字符串* /

      .codecolorer .st0, .codecolorer .st_h, .codecolorer .es0, .codecolorer .es1 { color: #C03030;

      .codecolorer .st0,.codecolorer .st_h,.codecolorer .es0,.codecolorer .es1 {color:#C03030;



      /* Entity */

      /* 实体 */

      .codecolorer .me1, .codecolorer .me2 { color: #0080FF;

      .codecolorer .me1,.codecolorer .me2 {color:#0080FF;



      /* Keyword */

      / *关键字* /

      .codecolorer .kw1, .codecolorer .kw2, .codecolorer .sy1 { color: #2060A0;

      .codecolorer .kw1,.codecolorer .kw2,.codecolorer .sy1 {color:#2060A0;



      /* Storage */

      / *存储* /

      .codecolorer .kw3, .codecolorer .kw4, .codecolorer .kw5, .codecolorer .re2 { color: #008080;

      .codecolorer .kw3,.codecolorer .kw4,.codecolorer .kw5,.codecolorer .re2 {color:#008080;



      /* Variable */

      / *变量* /

      .codecolorer .re0, .codecolorer .re1 { color: #A08000;

      .codecolorer .re0,.codecolorer .re1 {color:#A08000;



      /* Global color */

      / *全局颜色* /

      .codecolorer .br0, .codecolorer .sy0 { color: #000000;

      .codecolorer .br0,.codecolorer .sy0 {color:#000000;



      Check the codecolorer.css file to get more examples.

      检查 codecolorer.css 文件以获取更多示例。


    1. Download and unpack plugin files to wp-content/plugins/codecolorer directory.
    2. 将插件文件下载并解压缩到 wp-content / plugins / codecolorer 目录。

    3. Enable CodeColorer plugin on your Plugins page in Site Admin.
    4. Site Admin 中的插件页面上

    5. 启用 CodeColorer 插件。

    6. Go to the Options/CodeColorer page in Site Admin and change plugin’s options as you wish.
    7. 转到 Site Admin 中的 Options / CodeColorer 页面,并根据需要更改插件的选项。

    8. Use [cc lang="lang"]code[/cc] or code syntax to insert a code

    9. 使用 [cc lang =“ lang”] code [/ cc] code 语法插入代码

      snippet into the post (you could skip lang="lang", in this case code would be in CodeColorer's code block, but without syntax highlighting).

      摘录到帖子中(您可以跳过 lang =“ lang” ,在这种情况下,代码将位于CodeColorer的代码块中,但不会突出显示语法)。

      Also you can use [cci lang="lang"]code[/cci] to format inline code (see the “inline” option description).

    10. 您也可以使用 [cci lang =“ lang”] code [/ cci] 格式化内联代码(请参见“内联”选项说明)。

    11. Have fun!
    12. 玩得开心!



    To insert a code snippet into your post (or comment) you would use [cc lang="lang"]code[/cc] or

    要将代码段插入到您的帖子(或评论)中,请使用 [cc lang =“ lang”] code [/ cc]

    code syntax.

    代码 语法。

    Starting from version 0.6.0 you could specify additional CodeColorer options inside [cc] tag:

    从版本0.6.0开始,您可以在 [cc] 标记内指定其他CodeColorer选项:

    [cc lang="php" tab_size="2" lines="40"]

      [cc lang =“ php” tab_size =“ 2” lines =“ 40”]

    // some code



    [/ cc]

    Note: You should always use double quotes or single quotes around the parameter value.


    Boolean values could be passed using string true or false, on or off, number 1

    可以使用字符串 true false on off ,数字 1

    em> or 0.

    em>或 0

    Short codes


    Starting from CodeColorer 0.8.6 you can use short codes to insert code snippets.

    从CodeColorer 0.8.6开始,您可以使用短代码插入代码段。

    The short code in common looks like [ccM_LANG], where LANG is your programming language, and M is the one or more of following modes:

    常见的短代码类似于 [ccM_LANG] ,其中 LANG 是您的编程语言,而 M 是以下一种或多种模式:

      • iinline
      • i –内联

      • eescaped
      • e 转义

      • sstrict
      • s strict

      • nline_numbers
      • n line_numbers

      • bno_border
      • b 无边框

      • wno_wrap
      • w no_wrap

      • lno_links
      • l 没有链接

      Small letter means enabled, capital – disabled.

      小写字母表示已启用,大​​写– 已禁用



      PHP code with links enabled and line numbers disabled:




      echo "hello"



      [/ cclN_php]

      Already escaped HTML code:



        [ccie_html]&lt; html&gt; [/ ccie_html]

      Ruby code without wrapping having tab size equal to 4:


      [ccW_ruby tab_size="4"]

        [ccW_ruby tab_size =“ 4”]

      attr_accessor :title



      [/ ccW_ruby]

      More examples could be found on the CodeColorer Examples page.

      更多示例可在 CodeColorer示例页中找到。

      You can find modes explained below.


      Possible parameters


        • lang (string) – source language.
        • lang string )–源语言。

        • tab_size (integer) – how many spaces would represent TAB symbol.
        • tab_size integer )–多少个空格代表TAB符号。

        • lines (integer) – how many lines would be block height without scroll;

        • 整数)–不滚动时块高度为几行;

          could be set to -1 to remove vertical scrollbar.

        • 可以设置为 -1 以删除垂直滚动条。

        • width (integer or string) – block width.
        • 宽度整数字符串)–块宽度。

        • height (integer or string) – height in pixels;

        • 高度整数字符串)–以像素为单位的高度;

          used when lines number is greater then “lines” value.

        • 当行数大于“行”值时使用。

        • rss_width (integer or string) – block width in RSS feeds.
        • rss_width 整数字符串)– RSS源中的块宽。

        • theme (string) – color theme (default, blackboard, dawn, mac-classic, twitlight, vibrant, geshi, railscasts, solarized-light, solarized-dark

        • 主题字符串)–颜色主题(默认,黑板,黎明,mac-classic,twilight,充满活力,geshi,railscasts,日光灯,日光灯暗


        • )。

        • first_line (integer) – a number of the first line in the block.
        • first_line integer )–块中第一行的编号。

        • highlight (string) — a comma-separated list of line numbers or ranges of line numbers to highlight (eg 1,5,8-11<

        • 突出显示字符串)—行号或要突出显示的行号范围的逗号分隔列表(例如, 1、5、8-11 <


        • / code>)。

        • escaped (boolean) – when true special HTML sequences like < or [<

        • 转义的 boolean )–当 true 特殊HTML序列(例如&lt; [<

          /code> will be treated as encoded (in this example as < and [ respectively.)

        • / code>将被视为已编码(在本示例中分别为 << / code>和 [。)

        • line_numbers (boolean) – when true line numbers will be added.
        • line_numbers 布尔值)–当添加 true 行号时。

        • no_links (boolean) – when false keywords will be represented as links to manual.
        • no_links 布尔值)–当 false 关键字表示为手册链接时。

        • inline (boolean) – when true forces code block to render inside “`.

        • 内联 boolean )–当 true 强制代码块在“`”内部呈现时。

          Used to paste a single line of code into the regular text.

        • 用于将一行代码粘贴到常规文本中。

        • strict (boolean) – when true strict mode will be enabled.

          html#using-strict-mode“ rel =” nofollow“>严格模式将启用。

          By default CodeColorer tries to guess whether strict mode is needed, so this option allows to force it on or off when automatic suggestion is wrong.

        • 默认情况下,CodeColorer会尝试猜测是否需要严格模式,因此该选项允许在自动建议错误时强制启用或禁用该模式。

        • nowrap (boolean) – when false no horizontal scrollbar will be shown;

        • nowrap boolean )–当 false 时,不会显示水平滚动条;

          instead code will be wrapped in the end of code box.

        • 而是将代码包装在代码框的末尾。

        • noborder (boolean) – when true no border will be shown around the code block.
        • noborder boolean )–当 true 时,代码块周围将不会显示边框。

        • no_cc (boolean) – when true the syntax in code block will not be highlighted, code will be rendered inside `

        • no_cc boolean )–当 true 代码块中的语法不突出显示时,代码将在`内部呈现

          `` tag.

        • ``标签。

        • class (string) – additional CSS classes to add to the wrapper HTML element.
        • class string )–要添加到包装HTML元素中的其他CSS类。

        • file (string) — when specified, code will be loaded from external file.

        • 文件字符串)—指定后,将从外部文件加载代码。

          Should be a relative to uploads folder path, only files from uploads are allowed to be embedded.

        • 应该是相对于上载文件夹路径的,只允许嵌入来自上载的文件。

        You can use special tag [cci] instead of [cc] to force inline mode:

        您可以使用特殊标签 [cci] 代替 [cc] 强制内联模式:

        [cci lang="php"]some code[/cci]

          [cci lang =“ php”]一些代码[/ cci]

        Most of these parameters could be configured via the CodeColorer options page.


        To insert example of CodeColorer short codes you can use something like this:




        &#91;cc lang="html"]

        &amp;#91; cc lang =“ html”]

        CodeColorer short code colorized

        彩色的CodeColorer短代码</ title><p/><p>&#91;/cc]<p/><p>&amp;#91; / cc]<p/><p>[/cce_bash]<p/><p>[/ cce_bash]<p/><p></code></pre><p/><p></ code> </ pre><p/></div></fieldset><fieldset class="layui-elem-field layui-field-title" style="margin-top: 30px;"><legend>下载地址</legend><div>https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/codecolorer.0.9.16.zip</div></fieldset> </div> <div class="row" style="text-align: center;color: grey;font-weight: 600;">-EOF-</div> <blockquote class="layui-elem-quote" id="copyright"> <div> 转载申明:文章可以转载,但是请标注如下信息:<br> 作者:小编 出处:<a href="http://www.sanshu.cn/a/7766.html">http://www.sanshu.cn/a/7766.html</a> </div> </blockquote> </div> <!-- 回复编辑器 --> <!-- end 回复编辑器 --> </div> <div class="layui-col-md4"> <div class="fly-panel"> <div class="layui-row fly-panel-main" style="padding: 15px;"> <a href="http://sanshu.cn/referer/" style="color:orangered">这些网站有本站链接</a> </div> </div> <div class="fly-panel" style="height: 0px;"> <!-- 搜索框 --> <div><script data-ad-client="ca-pub-2144314048024814" async src="https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script></div> <!-- end 搜索框 --> <div style="clear: both;"></div> </div> <style> .fly-zanzhu-img img { width: 100%; 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