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CoffeeGreet is a WordPress plug-in that will greet your visitors with coffee depending on the hour of the day, by displaying images using the Flickr API.

CoffeeGreet是一个WordPress插件,通过使用Flickr API显示图像,可以根据一天中的不同时段为您的访客提供咖啡。

The plug-in will fetch images from Flickr by tags you provide.


By default, the plug-in will fetch 10 images (this can be set by the ‘shuffle’ field on the settings menu).


After fetching the images, it would randomly take 1 out of the 10 images to serve to your visitors so that there is variety of servings each page reload.


You can also set a default greeting message for your site visitors.


Having this plug-in on your blog helps increase your blog’s exposure and loyal readership.


Best of all, this plug-in is compatible with various WordPress cache plug-ins so you do not have to sacrifice speed.




    • Show a different greeting message to your visitor with a coffee image.

    • 用咖啡图像向访客显示不同的问候消息。

      You can add/edit/delete greeting messages as well as the tags for coffee to be served depending on the hour of the day.

    • 您可以根据一天中的小时添加/编辑/删除问候消息以及咖啡的标签。

    • You can set display options (size of the Flickr image) and can set the number of possible random images that will be displayed on your page.
    • 您可以设置显示选项(Flickr图像的大小),还可以设置将在页面上显示的可能随机图像的数量。

    • When installed, CoffeeGreet becomes available on the widget panel of the WordPress dash board.
    • 安装后,CoffeeGreet在WordPress仪表板的小部件面板上可用。

    • Ultra customizable greeting message box (with CSS) allowing you to prepend/append HTML around the greeting message box.
    • 超可定制的问候语消息框(带有CSS),使您可以在问候语框周围添加HTML。


    1. Download the plug-in.
    2. 下载插件。

    3. Extract and upload the entire folder to wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
    4. 将整个文件夹提取并上传到WordPress安装的wp-content / plugins /目录中。

    5. Activate the plug-in on the Options |

    6. 在“选项” |“激活”上激活插件。

      Plugins Management page of your WordPress admin site.

    7. WordPress管理站点的“插件管理”页面。

    8. Click the widgets panel then drag CoffeeGreet on your sidebar.
    9. 单击小部件面板,然后将CoffeeGreet拖动到侧边栏上。

    10. You can tweak the settings by clicking the dropdown arrow on the CoffeeGreet Widget or directly through the Settings |

    11. 您可以通过单击CoffeeGreet小部件上的下拉箭头或直接通过“设置” |“设置”来调整设置。

      CoffeeGreet Widget link.

    12. CoffeeGreet窗口小部件链接。



      1. After successfully installing the CoffeGreet plug-in, you can now customize your ?Coffee Menu?

      2. 成功安装CoffeGreet插件后,您现在可以自定义“咖啡菜单”了?

        by clicking the dropdown arrow on the CoffeeGreet Widget or directly through the Settings |


        CoffeeGreet Widget link.

      3. CoffeeGreet窗口小部件链接。

      4. We then enter the tags (usually the name of the coffee) to be served depending on the hour of the day on each text area.

      5. 然后,根据每个文本区域的一天中的小时,输入要投放的标签(通常是咖啡的名称)。

        Example: We should type in “espresso” as a tag for the morning coffee.

        示例:我们应该输入“ espresso”作为早晨咖啡的标签。

        By doing this, we limit the fetched images from Flickr by using the tags that we enter on the boxes;


        meaning, if someone visits your blog/site in the morning, the image accompanying the morning greeting will only be those tagged with the text “espresso” on Flickr.

      6. 意思是,如果某人早上访问您的博客/站点,则早上问候语中的图片只会是在Flickr上标有“ espresso”字样的图片。

      7. Optionally we can set display options for the coffee images like the size and the shuffle amount.Setting a value for shuffle will tell the plugin how many images will be fetched from Flickr.


        You can enter any number but be careful when inputting a very large value (e.g. 100 or more) as it can affect the loading time of your blog.


        On the other hand entering a very little value such as 1 will display only From the flickr API we can set valid size labels as follows:

        另一方面,输入极小的值(例如1)将仅显示。从flickr API中,我们可以如下设置有效的尺寸标签:

        s – small square 75×75

        s –小正方形75×75

        t – thumbnail, 100 on longest side

        t –缩略图,最长边为100

        m – small, 240 on longest side

        m –小,最长的一侧为240

              • medium, 500 on longest side

              • 中,最长边500个

                z – medium 640, 640 on longest side

              • z –中号640,最长边640

          • Click the “Save Changes” button