[wordpress插件] Another MailChimp Widget另一个MailChimp小部件

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This plugin lets your users sign up for your MailChimp lists and groups via subscription form added through widget or shortcode.


Based on jameslafferty jameslafferty

">“MailChimp Widget” plugin.

“>“ MailChimp Widget”插件。

Shortcode example:


[mp-mc-form list=”list_id/group_id” button=”Subscribe” email_text=”Your E-mail” first_name_text=”First Name” last_name_text=”Last Name” placeholder=”true” firstname=”false

[mp-mc-form list =” list_id / group_id”按钮=“订阅” email_text =“您的电子邮件” first_name_text =“名字” last_name_text =“姓氏”占位符=“ true” firstname =“ false

” lastname=”false” success=”Thank you for joining our mailing list.”

” lastname =” false” success =”感谢您加入我们的邮件列表。”

failure=”There was a problem processing your submission.”

failure =“处理您的提交时出现问题。”



Shortcode attributes:


    • list – MailChimp list_id or list_id/group_id if you want to subscribe to specific group.

    • list – MailChimp list_id或list_id / group_id(如果要预订特定的组)。

      To subscribe to several lists and groups separate them by comma.

    • 要订阅多个列表和组,请用逗号分隔。

    • button – button label
    • 按钮-按钮标签

    • email_text – label of the email address field
    • email_text –电子邮件地址字段的标签

    • first_name_text – label of the first name field
    • first_name_text –名字字段的标签

    • last_name_text – label of the last name field
    • last_name_text –姓氏字段的标签

    • placeholder – true or false;

    • 占位符–是或否;

      set true to display labels as placeholders;

    • 设置为true则将标签显示为占位符;

    • firstname – true or false;

    • firstname –是或否;

      set true if first name is required;

    • 如果需要名字,则设置为true;

    • lastname – true or false;

    • 姓氏-是或否;

      set true if last name is required;

    • 如果需要姓氏,则设置为true;

    • success – success message;
    • 成功-成功消息;

    • failure – failure message;
    • 失败-失败消息;


    1. Upload the plugin to /wp-content/plugins/.
    2. 将插件上传到/ wp-content / plugins/。
    3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件。

    5. Enter a valid MailChimp API key on the Settings > Another MailChimp page.
    6. 在“设置”>“另一个MailChimp”页面上输入有效的MailChimp API密钥。

    7. Drag the widget into your sidebar from the “Widgets” menu in WordPress or add subscription form via shortcode to any page or post.
    8. 从WordPress的“窗口小部件”菜单中将窗口小部件拖动到侧栏中,或通过简码将订阅表单添加到任何页面或帖子。

    9. Select a mailing list and configure options.
    10. 选择一个邮件列表并配置选项。