[wordpress插件] Archives for Custom Post Types自定义帖子类型的存档

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DEPRECATION NOTICE: As of WordPress 4.4, you no longer need this plugin as wp_get_archives() now accepts custom post types as an argument.

弃用通知::自WordPress 4.4起,您不再需要此插件,因为 wp_get_archives()现在接受自定义帖子类型作为参数。

See #34686.


This plugin provides proper support for archived pages of custom post types to match the support for normal posts.


The problem is that the function, wp_get_archives() does not allow you to pass in a post type.

问题在于 wp_get_archives()函数不允许您传递帖子类型。

It only works for normal posts.


There is a filter called getarchives_where() but this doesn’t handle the archive URLs (e.g. http://yoursite.com/2014/).

有一个名为 getarchives_where()的过滤器,但这不能处理存档网址(例如http://yoursite.com/2014/)。

So while the filter will help you view the correct archives, it won’t work properly in conjunction with the wp_get_archives() function.

因此,尽管过滤器可以帮助您查看正确的档案,但不能与 wp_get_archives()函数结合使用。

For example, a link to “June 2014” emitted by wp_get_archives() will only take you to normal posts from June 2014, not custom post types.

例如,wp_get_archives()发出的指向“ 2014年6月”的链接只会带您进入2014年6月以后的普通帖子,而不是自定义帖子类型。

This plugin provides a new function: wp_get_archives_cpt().

此插件提供了一个新功能: wp_get_archives_cpt()

This function can take a post_type argument as well as the usual arguments that can be passed to wp_get_archives().

此函数可以使用post_type参数以及可以传递给 wp_get_archives()的常规参数。

The plugin also provides automatic handling for custom post type archive URLs.


This plugin has stemmed from a ticket that I have been working on in core: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/21596


Unfortunately a proper patch for this in core will probably have to go quite deep.


I have therefore decided to share this plugin as a temporary solution.



    1. Upload archives-for-custom-post-types.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. archives-for-custom-post-types.php 上载到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. Place

    6. 放置 <?php wp_get_archives_cpt('post_type = custom_post_type');

      ?> in your templates

    7. ?> 在您的模板中