[wordpress插件] Berri Personalized Care新的个性化护理

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This plugin for WordPress will give up to four personalized messages depending on the origin of the visitors of your blog.


It’s originally based on the rthanks plugin by Alamsyah Rasyid.

它最初基于Alamsyah Rasyid的rthanks插件

If you are thinking about increasing your feed subscribers, if you only want to show publicity to some of your visitors, if you want to say thanks to your visitor from search engines or socialbookmark,… If you want to show diferents messages to


your visitants depending on their origin, this is your plugin.


Comments, questions and bug reports are welcome: http://www.berriart

欢迎发表评论,问题和错误报告: http://www.berriart


.com / personalizedcare /


    1. Extract and upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. 提取并上传到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate plugin
    4. 激活插件

    5. Configure the messages in admin panel (Options->PersonalizedCare)
    6. 在管理面板中配置消息(Options-> PersonalizedCare)

    7. Edit your templates and add

    8. 编辑您的模板并添加 <?php if(function_exists('berri_personalized_message'))berri_personalized_message();



      Preferably upside if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); in index.php, page.php and

      最好在 index.php page.php 中的if(have_posts()):while(have_posts()):the_post();


    9. single.php

    10. Save templates and upload to server
    11. 保存模板并上传到服务器

    12. That’s all
    13. 就这些



      • HTML code is allowed in the messages, so for example you can link to your feed or you can show AdSense of Google and earn money.
      • 消息中允许使用HTML代码,例如,您可以链接到Feed或显示Google AdSense并赚钱。

      • If you want to show the name of the referer in the message write {hostname} in it.

      • 如果要在消息中显示引用者的名称,请在其中写入 {hostname}

        For example with a visitor from google will see Welcome google visitor if you write Welcome {hostname} visitor.

      • 例如,如果您编写欢迎 {hostname} 访问者,则来自Google的访问者会看到欢迎Google访问者