[wordpress插件] Accordion Slider手风琴滑块

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Accordion Slider combines the look and functionality of a slider with that of an accordion.

Accordion Slider结合了滑块和手风琴的外观和功能。

The lite version of Accordion Slider allows you to create simple image sliders which are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.


Available features in the lite version:


    • Fully responsive
    • 反应迅速

    • Touch support
    • 触摸支持

    • Clean and intuitive admin interface
    • 干净直观的管理界面

    • Preview accordion sliders directly in the admin area
    • 直接在管理区域中预览手风琴滑块

    • Drag and drop panel sorting
    • 拖放面板排序

    • Inline information for the admin setting
    • 管理员设置的内联信息

    • Publish accordion sliders in any post (including pages and custom post types), in PHP code, and widget areas
    • 在任何帖子(包括页面和自定义帖子类型),PHP代码和小部件区域中发布手风琴滑块

    • Caching system for quick loading times
    • 快速加载时间的缓存系统

    • Optimized file loading.

    • 优化文件加载。

      The JavaScript and CSS files are loaded only in pages where there are accordion sliders

    • 仅在具有手风琴滑块的页面中加载JavaScript和CSS文件

    • Add links to images
    • 添加图像链接

    • Keyboard navigation
    • 键盘导航

    • Mouse wheel navigation
    • 鼠标滚轮导航

    • SEO-friendly
    • SEO友好

    • Multisite support
    • 多站点支持

    • Unlimited panels in an accordion slider and unlimited accordion sliders
    • 手风琴滑块和无限手风琴滑块中的面板无限

    • Localized for translation
    • 已本地化翻译

    • No ads
    • 没有广告

    If you need more features or simply want to support the development of the Accordion Slider plugin, you can upgrade to the full version.

    如果您需要更多功能或仅想支持Accordion Slider插件的开发,则可以升级到完整版本。

    You can read more about the full version of Accordion Slider here.

    您可以在此处了解更多有关Accordion Slider完整版本的信息。

    Additional features in the full version:


      • Animated and static layers, which can contain text, images or any HTML content
      • 动画和静态图层,可以包含文本,图像或任何HTML内容

      • Load images and content dynamically, from posts (including custom post types), WordPress galleries and Flickr
      • 从帖子(包括自定义帖子类型),WordPress画廊和Flickr中动态加载图像和内容

      • Pagination for the panels
      • 面板的分页

      • Retina support
      • 视网膜支持

      • Lazy loading
      • 延迟加载

      • Deep linking
      • 深层链接

      • Lightbox integration
      • 灯箱集成

      • Swap image when the panel is opened
      • 打开面板时交换图像

      • Breakpoints for changing the accordion slider’s settings at different screen sizes
      • 在不同屏幕尺寸下更改手风琴滑块设置的断点

      • Action and filter hooks
      • 动作和过滤器挂钩

      • Import and export accordion sliders
      • 导入和导出手风琴滑块

      These videos demonstrate the full capabilities of the plugin:


      '360'src ='https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list = PLh-6IaZNuPo58lYbFPNV_nOzKYoOwHBKG&hl = zh_CN'allowfullscreen ='true'style ='border:0;'>


To install the plugin:


    1. Install the plugin through Plugins > Add New > Upload or by copying the unzipped package to wp-content/plugins/.
    2. 通过“插件”>“添加新”>“上传”或通过将解压缩后的软件包复制到wp-content / plugins /来安装插件。

    3. Activate the Accordion Slider plugin through the ‘Plugins > Installed Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件>已安装插件”菜单激活“手风琴滑块”插件。

    To create accordion sliders:


      1. Go to Accordion Slider > Add New and click the ‘Add Panels’ button.
      2. 转到“手风琴滑块”>“添加新项”,然后单击“添加面板”按钮。

      3. Select one or more images from the Media Library and click ‘Insert into post’.

      4. 从媒体库中选择一张或多张图片,然后点击“插入帖子”。

      5. After you customized the accordion slider, click the ‘Create’ button.
      6. 自定义手风琴滑块后,单击“创建”按钮。

      To publish accordion sliders:


      Copy the [accordion_slider id=”1″] shortcode in the post or page where you want the accordion to appear.

      在您希望手风琴出现的帖子或页面中复制[accordion_slider id =“ 1”]短代码。

      You can also insert it in PHP code by using , or in the widgets area by using the built-in Accordion Slider widget.

      您也可以使用,将其插入PHP代码,或使用内置的Accordion Slider窗口小部件将其插入窗口小部件区域。

      Short video demonstration: