[wordpress插件] bookTuner本书调谐器

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bookTuner pulls book information from one of your shelves on Goodreads.com.


Title, author, jacket art, and a review snippet can all be displayed on your site with the plugin’s configurable settings and simple tags.


The plugin is an adaptation of fmTuner by Collin Allen.

该插件是Collin Allen对fmTuner的改编。



    • Displays books from currently-reading, to-read, read, or a custom shelf
    • 显示当前正在阅读,正在阅读,已阅读或自定义书架中的图书

    • Limit how many books are shown
    • 限制显示多少本书

    • Configure how often the book list is updated
    • 配置图书清单的更新频率

    • Customize book appearence with HTML and tags
    • 使用HTML和标签自定义图书外观

    • Set length of review preview
    • 设置评论预览的时间

    • Sort list by a number of criteria including author, title, rating, and date read
    • 按许多标准对列表进行排序,包括作者,标题,评分和阅读日期



      • A Goodreads.com account with books added to a shelf
      • 一个Goodreads.com帐户,其中书已添加到书架中

      • WordPress 2.7 or newer
      • WordPress 2.7或更高版本

      • PHP 5 or newer
      • PHP 5或更高版本


Installation is pretty straightforward, although PHP 5 or newer is required.

安装非常简单,尽管需要PHP 5或更高版本。

    1. Upload booktuner.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, within a subdirectory like booktuner.
    2. booktuner.php 上载到 booktuner 之类的子目录中的 / wp-content / plugins / 目录。

    3. Ensure /wp-content/plugins/booktuner is writable by your webserver (chmod 755 booktuner).
    4. 确保 / wp-content / plugins / booktuner 可被您的网络服务器( chmod 755 booktuner )写入。

    5. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” page in the WordPress admin.
    6. 通过WordPress管理员中的“插件”页面激活插件。

    7. Set your booktuner preferences in the “Settings” menu in the WordPress admin.

    8. 在WordPress管理员的“设置”菜单中设置您的booktuner首选项。

      Be sure to enter your Goodreads user ID (not your username)

    9. 确保输入您的Goodreads用户ID(而不是您的用户名)

    10. Place

    11. 放置 <?php if(function_exists('booktuner')){booktuner();

      } ?> in the desired place in your template.

    12. }?> 在模板中的所需位置。