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This plugin is for church wordpress sites and has an smartphone app too – it adds an easy to use address directory and you can email and sms different groups of people.


    • Event ticketing – for logged in users and others, with account setup if the customer wants


    • Small Groups – add, edit and delete


    • Members – add, edit and delete


    • Email- send an email to members, parents or small group leaders.


      Now has a template – make sure you update your settings to include Facebook page and twitter if you use them!


    • Directory syncs to Mailchimp (not back yet)


    • SMS – send bulk sms to members using www.bulksms.co.uk account (not just UK!)

      SMS –使用www.bulksms.co.uk帐户(不仅限于英国!)向会员发送批量短信

    • Sunday Rota – create and show rotas for your volunteers.


    • Kidswork – automatically sort children into their age groups, with manual override
    • 儿童工作–通过手动覆盖将儿童自动分类到他们的年龄段

    • Attendance tracking


    • Ministries – people can have different ministries they are involved in and be sent SMS or email by role, other functions coming soon.


    • Google map integrations for small groups and directories


    • Calendar – month to view, agenda view and nth day recurring events (eg 3rd Sunday)


    • Facilities – manage facilities like rooms and equipment and their bookings.
    • 设施–管理诸如房间,设备及其预订之类的设施。

    • The calendar now includes that most powerful of planning tools – the year planner!
    • 日历现在包括最强大的计划工具–年计划者!

    • Volunteers – church members can volunteer online and be approved/decline by team leaders.
    • 志愿者-教会成员可以在线进行志愿者活动,并得到团队负责人的批准/拒绝。


    1. Upload the church_admin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. church_admin 目录上传到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件。

    5. Place [church_admin type=address-list member_type_id=# map=1 photo=1] on the page you want the address book displayed, member_type=1 for members, map=1 toshow map for geocoded addresses.

    6. 在要显示地址簿的页面上放置[church_admin type = address-list member_type_id =#map = 1照片= 1],member_type = 1表示成员,map = 1表示显示经过地理编码的地址的地图。

      The member_type_id can be comma separated e.g.



    7. member_type_id = 1,2,3

    8. Place [church_admin type=small-groups-list] on the page you want the small group list displayed
    9. 在要显示小组列表的页面上放置[church_admin type = small-groups-list]

    10. Place [church_admin type=small-groups ] on the page you want the list of small groups and their members displayed
    11. 在要显示小团体及其成员列表的页面上放置[church_admin type = small-groups]

    12. Place [church_admin type=rota] on the page you want the rota displayed
    13. 将[church_admin type = rota]放置在您要显示旋转广告的页面上

    14. Place [church_admin type=calendar category=# weeks=#] on the page you want a page per month calendar displayed
    15. 在您要显示每月页面日历的页面上放置[church_admin type = calendar category =#week =#]

    16. Place [church_admin type=calendar-list] on the page you want a agenda view calendar – option category and weeks options pastable from category admin page
    17. 将[church_admin type = calendar-list]放在您要查看议程日历的页面上–可从类别管理页面粘贴的选项类别和周选项

    18. There is a calendar widget with customisable title, how many events you want to show and an option for it to look like a post-it note
    19. 有一个带有可自定义标题的日历小部件,您要显示多少个事件以及一个看起来像便条纸的选项

    20. Place [church_admin_map member_type_id=#] to show a map of colour coded small groups – need to set a service venue first to centre map and geolocate member’s addresses by editing them.

    21. 放置[church_admin_map member_type_id =#]以显示带有颜色编码的小团体的地图-需要首先将服务地点设置为中心地图,并通过编辑对其进行地理定位。

      We recommend password protecting the pages – if it is password protected, a link is provided to logout


      The # should be replaced with which member types you want displayed as a comma separated list e.g.



    22. member_type = 1,2

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