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Comments are the core way for your Community to engage, & engaged users are much more likely to click on advertising, become a subscriber, or just come back on a regular basis.


Unfortunately, many blogs struggle just to be found & can’t dedicate the resources to have truly engaged Communities.


Add on the fact that most Online Commenting widgets are essentially identical & it’s no wonder that many blogs face an uphill battle.


Enter WordPress Online Comments Plugin – CMMNTZ, the Next Generation of Online Comments & Community Engagement!

输入WordPress在线评论插件– CMMNTZ ,下一代在线评论和社区参与!

CMMNTZ rebuilt Online Comments & Community Engagement from the ground up.

CMMNTZ 从头开始重建在线评论和社区参与。

Differentiate your blog by giving your Community never before seen ways to engage.


Sign up today – its absolutely FREE!


CMMNTZ unlocks the following amazing abilities for your blog:

CMMNTZ 为您的博客解锁以下惊人功能:

    • You’ll have the ability to post to your blog & automatically generate an extensive list of comments INSTANTLY based on the post’s Categories
    • 您可以发布到博客中,并根据帖子的类别自动立即生成大量评论

    • Your users can also submit nuanced feedback on comments, such as stating that they “like a comment a lot since it is funny but the comment also makes them angry”
    • 您的用户还可以对评论提交细微的反馈,例如说他们“非常喜欢评论,因为它很有趣,但评论也会使他们生气”。

    • Your Community can perform advanced comment thread queries, such as “Show me comments that are funny & smart but not shocking that were written by women between 40-44 years old who reside in the Southwest US”
    • 您的社区可以执行高级评论线程查询,例如“向我展示由居住在美国西南部的40-44岁女性撰写的有趣,聪明但不令人震惊的评论”

    • Any comments posted to your site can be seen across the web and drive traffic directly back to your blog
    • 发布到您网站的任何评论都可以在网上看到,并将流量直接带回到您的博客中

    CMMNTZ also has a brand new intuitive design, expanded feature set, and revolutionary voting, sorting, and filtering

    CMMNTZ 还具有全新的直观设计,扩展的功能集以及革命性的投票排序过滤

    strong> options all at your Users fingertips.


    FEATURES LIST (see FAQ for details)


      A lot of our features are on the cutting-edge in their own right.


      However when combined, AWESOME things happen!


        • Instant Engagement + Process = Quality Comments
        • 即时参与度+流程= 质量评论

        • No PII + Process = Extensive Safeguards
        • 没有PII +流程= 广泛的保障措施

        • Instant Engagement + Curation = Exciting Threads
        • 即时参与+策划= 令人兴奋的话题

        • No PII + Commenting = More Engagement
        • 没有PII +评论= 更多参与

        • Process + Auto-Moderation = Risk Mitigation
        • 流程+自动审核= 缓解风险

        • Cross-Linked Traffic + Process = Quality Feedback
        • 交叉链接流量+流程= 质量反馈

        • Instant Engagement + Auto-Moderation = Volume Safeguards
        • 即时参与+自动审核= 批量保护措施

        • Auto-Moderation + Advanced Moderation = Granular Control
        • 自动审核+高级审核= 粒度控制

        • Process + Reports = Unparalleled Insight
        • 流程+报告= 无与伦比的洞察力

        • CMMNTZ + Your Blog = Golden Opportunity
        • CMMNTZ +您的博客= 黄金机会

        Join the revolution today & install CMMNTZ on your blog right now, for FREE!

        立即加入革命,并立即在您的博客上安装 CMMNTZ ,只需免费



        Please check out our Support page and submit any question you may have that you

        请查看我们的 支持 页面,并提交您可能有的任何疑问

        do not see answered already.



    1. Install and activate the CMMNTZ plugin
    2. 安装并激活 CMMNTZ 插件

    3. Go to the CMMNTZ dashboard to sign up and get your site's CMMNTZ ID

    4. 转到 CMMNTZ仪表板进行注册并获取您网站的 CMMNTZ ID


    5. >。

    6. On the WordPress Admin sidebar, navigate to the new CMMNTZ option to open the WordPress settings page.
    7. 在WordPress管理员侧栏上,导航至新的 CMMNTZ 选项以打开WordPress设置页面。

    8. Enter your CMMNTZ ID in the field in the WordPress settings page, and click Save Changes
    9. 在WordPress设置页面的字段中输入您的 CMMNTZ ID ,然后单击保存更改

    You now have CMMNTZ installed!

    您现在已安装 CMMNTZ