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Coin of the Realm is a system that allows WordPress publisher to reward their readers for linking back to the word press blog.

The Realm of Realm是一个系统,允许WordPress发布者通过链接回Word Press博客来奖励其读者。

It?s at its heart an affiliate system set up for the general user instead of companies combining crowd sourcing into the standard affiliate model.


The way Coin of the realm works is by generating unique links to all of the pages and post on a WordPress sight for each Registered user.


When that user uses the link to reference the sight on some other website every reader who click on the link generates a referral in the COTR system.


COTR converts referrals into coins that the registered user can use to buy things in the automatically generated store page.


Coin of the realm supports 3 types of reward products;


digital downloads, comment badges, and donation drives.


These products are quick to create in the store interface and can be purchased with either referral generated coins or with regular currency.


COTR support both the paypal and verotel payment gateways for making purchases.


For more information visit the COTR message board.


"nofollow">Message Board

“ nofollow”>留言板



    • The referral worth will not update until you save the page
    • 在您保存页面之前,推介价值不会更新

    • COTR use ip addresses to prevent multiple ?referals?

    • COTR使用IP地址来防止多个“推荐”?

      from a single user.


      While this prevents abuse it does make the system rather stingy when giving out coins.


    • Changing the number of referals needed to earn one coin will not change the amount of coins a user has already earned.

    • 更改赚取一枚硬币所需的推荐次数不会改变用户已赚取的硬币数量。

      It is best to set the Referral IP Coin Value once and then modify the coin cost of individual products as needed.

    • 最好一次设置引荐IP代币值,然后根据需要修改单个产品的代币成本。

    • Psychologically user respond better to the system when it is easy to earn coins and they can see themselves making progress towards a goal.

    • 当用户很容易赚到金币并且可以看到自己在实现目标方面取得进步时,心理上用户会对系统做出更好的反应。

      It is recommended to set the Referral IP Coin Value low at 1 or 2.

    • 建议将引荐IP代币值设置为1或2。

Ad Hoc Purchase Settings


The Ad Hoc Purchase Settings allow user to buy products with cash instead of coins earned through referals.


Filling out this section transforms the COTR store into a traditional shopping cart system on top of the affliate system set up by the coins.


While these setting are optional it?s generally useful to fill out some of them to earn money as well as referrals through the COTR.


If you do not fill out these fields the associated buy now buttons for the payment gateway will not apear on the page.


COTR allows for two payment gateway system.


Paypal for sites with general content and Verotel for site with mature content.


While both payment gateways can be active on the same site it is unusual to have both Paypal and Verotel running at the same time.




At this time there is no way to pick and chose by product what payment gateways are available these are global setting for all products.


* Verotel set up requires integrating with your Verotel account.

* Verotel设置需要与您的Verotel帐户集成。

It is best that you contact your rep to walk you through the process.


* To accept payment through paypal complete the following steps.


1. Enter in your Paypal log in email in the Paypal handel.


1. Type in the 3 digit currency code for the currency you will be using.


You can find a list of all the code paypal uses here:




1. Set the test mode to No. Test mode is used for Paypal sandbox accounts to test out purchaces with out using real money.


If you want to use a paypal sandbox account you can set it up here:






The message section is where you set up the dispaly messages for various points in the COTR system.


These are raw html code boxes that you can use to put any html text on the page.


    • Fill out the three messages on this page with the HTML and text that you wish to apear
    • 用您希望显示的HTML和文本填写此页面上的三则消息

      1. HTML in the Can?t purchase message will appear under every product in the COTR store when a user is not logged in.
      2. 当用户未登录时,无法购买消息中的HTML将会显示在COTR商店中的每个产品下方。

      3. HTML in the Donation Thanks message will ONLY appear on the main store entry for a donation if there is no download associated with the donation after a user makes a donation.
      4. 如果捐赠后没有与捐赠相关联的下载,则“捐赠感谢”消息中的HTML仅会出现在捐赠的主商店条目上。

      5. The Comment Badge Intro text places HTML code above the badges in a users comment.

      6. 评论徽章简介文本将HTML代码放在用户评论的徽章上方。

        But only if they have purchased and are displaying a badge.


      Template Setting


      The Template Setting section set up the layout for the products in the COTR store.


      Each individual product will have the Template Setting applied to it to determine how it appears.


        • Store List Item Row is an HTML field that displays the product.

        • “商店列表项目行”是显示产品的HTML字段。

          As well as using standard HTML and CSS formating the feilds uses a number of custom hooksto display product specific information.


          These hook can be used in the template for global changes to the store or be placed in the product description later.

        • 这些挂钩可以在模板中用于对商店进行全局更改,也可以稍后在产品说明中放置。

          1. [product_name] – Places the name of the product in plain text
          2. [product_name] –用纯文本形式放置产品名称

          3. [product_description] – Places the description field of the product in plain text
          4. [product_description] –将产品的描述字段以纯文本格式

          5. [product_image] – Places an image tag that has it?s source correspond to the uploaded ?image?

          6. [product_image] –放置一个图像标签,其来源对应于上载的“ image”?

            of the product

          7. 产品的

          8. [product_image_url] – Places a plain text url of the source of the ?image?

          9. [product_image_url] –放置?image源的纯文本url?

            uploaded into the product

          10. 上传到产品中

          11. [product_download_url] – Places a Download now button that can be use to download the product.

          12. [product_download_url] –放置可立即用于下载产品的立即下载按钮。

            It is only visible if the product has been purcahced

          13. 仅在购买产品后才可见

          14. [product_cost_coins] – Places a text number equal to the cost of the product in coins for free product the hook does no display
          15. [product_cost_coins] –将一个等于产品成本的文本数字放入硬币中,钩子不显示免费产品

          16. [product_cost_cash] – Places a text number equal to cash cost of the product.

          17. [product_cost_cash] –放置一个等于产品现金成本的文本数字。

            If the product is free it displays a 0.

          18. 如果该产品免费,则显示0。

          19. [product_buy_now_coins] – Places a ?buy now X coins?

          20. [product_buy_now_coins] –放置一个?现在购买X个硬币?

            visible to loged in user who have enough coins to complet the purchace

          21. 拥有足够硬币来完成购买的登录用户可见

          22. [product_buy_now_cash] – Places a ?Buy now button X USD?

          23. [product_buy_now_cash] –放置“立即购买”按钮X USD?

            on the page for any payment gateway that has been activated in the setting.


            This button is only visible to logged in users.

          24. 此按钮仅对已登录的用户可见。

          25. [product_coins_awarded] – Places the text ?Coins awarded for purchasing this product: X?

          26. [product_coins_awarded] –放置文本?购买此产品获得的硬币:X?

            if the products awards coins

          27. 如果产品奖励硬币

          28. Shop home full description controls if the Store page shows the full description for the products or show an expert for the product with a more button to see the full description.

          29. 商店主页的完整描述控制着“商店”页面显示产品的完整描述还是显示带有更多按钮的产品专家以查看完整的描述。

            Unless you are particularly verbose in your product description it is best to leave this to yes.

          30. 除非您在产品说明中特别冗长,否则最好将其保留为是。

          Registering and Loging in


          To uses COTR you users much register on your wordpress site and then login.


          The wordpress site must also have it?s setting changed from the default to allow login.


            • Navigate to the Setting menu and then the General Setting sub menu
            • 导航至“设置”菜单,然后导航至“常规设置”子菜单

            • Locate the Membership heading and check the box next to Anyone can register
            • 找到会员标题,然后选中任何人都可以注册旁边的框

            • Once you have allowed registration you must provide you users with a link to the registration page.

            • 一旦您允许注册,则必须向用户提供指向注册页面的链接。

              Place a link to {Base site url}/wp-login.php?action=register somewhere on your site for the user to register.

            • 在您网站的某个位置放置一个指向{Base site url} /wp-login.php?action=register的链接,供用户注册。

            • After registering the users must login.

            • 注册后,用户必须登录。

              You may place the login widget (detailed below) on the page for this purpose or provide a link to the login page: {Base site url}/wp-login.php?

            • 为此,您可以在页面上放置登录小部件(下面详细介绍)或提供指向登录页面的链接:{Base site url} /wp-login.php?



            If you are using a content managment system on your site make sure that the New User Default Role is a role not used by the content management system.


            If you are not careful about this you will open up secure areas of your site.




            It has been found with our tests that generally users are reluctant to log in with their email address and prefer to link their login to a social media site.


            At the writing of this documentation the best plugin to do this we have found is the oneall Social Login Plugin.




            Setup Complete


            After completing these steps the Coin of the Realm software will be functional.


            The next sections cover page layout of COTR and creating products to sell.




            The follow section details the tools you now have available to you after setting up COTR


            Store Page


            Upon the fist install of COTR and new page is created on your site.


            The name of the page will be ?




              • If you edit the store page you will find a single hook that generates the store.

              • 如果您编辑商店页面,则会找到一个生成商店的钩子。



              • Add any text and formatting around the hook to generate your store.
              • 在钩子周围添加任何文本和格式以生成您的商店。

              Widgets and Shortcodes


              There are several Widgets and Shortcodes that are added for operation of the COTR.


              Coin of the Realm


                • This is the main widget that give the user all the information for the operation of the Coin of the Realm account.

                • 这是主要的小部件,可为用户提供有关Realm帐户的Coin操作的所有信息。

                • This information can also be places on a page with the [vc_widget_content] short code
                • 此信息也可以放在带有[vc_widget_content]短代码的页面上

                Coin of the Realm Available Downloads


                  • This widget is only visible if the user has made a purchase or if you have entered text into the no available download text box on the widget.

                  • 仅当用户进行购买或您在小部件上的无可用下载文本框中输入了文本时,此小部件才可见。

                    The widget provides links to all products that the user has purchased for ease of retrieval.

                  • 该小部件提供了指向用户购买的所有产品的链接,以便于检索。

                  • This information can also be placed on a page with the use of the short code [vc_available_downloads]
                  • 此信息也可以使用短代码[vc_available_downloads]放置在页面上

                  Coin of the Realm Personal Link


                    • This widget displays the personal link of what ever page it?s for the user without any other formatting or information.
                    • 此小部件无需显示任何其他格式或信息,即可为用户显示该页面的个人链接。

                    • This information can also be placed on the page with the short code [wp_vc_personal_link]
                    • 此信息也可以使用短代码[wp_vc_personal_link]放置在页面上

                    Coin of the Realm Login Widget


                      • This widget proved a small login box where it is placed instead of forcing the user to go to a login page.

                      • 该小部件证明了一个小的登录框,而不是强制用户进入登录页面。

                        It is only visible when users are not loged in.

                      • 仅在用户未登录时可见。

                      Coin of the Realm Donation Progress Widget


                        • This widget is used to display the progress of a donation product where ever it is place.

                        • 此小部件用于在任何地方显示捐赠产品的进度。

                        • The donation prodcut drop down will show all donation products by their title.

                        • 捐赠产品下拉列表将按标题显示所有捐赠产品。

                          Do display a product select it from the dropdown

                        • 要显示产品,请从下拉列表中选择它

                        • The show summary text switches on and off a line of text that states the donation target and how much has been achieved.
                        • 显示摘要文本可打开和关闭一行文字,该文字指出了捐赠目标以及已达到的金额。

                        • The show donation buttons switches on and off the donate now buttons in the widget
                        • 显示捐赠按钮可打开和关闭小部件中的立即捐赠按钮

                        • This information can also be placed on a page with the use of the short code [vc_donation_progress product_id=X] where X is the id number of the donation product.

                        • 此信息也可以使用短代码[vc_donation_progress product_id = X]放置在页面上,其中X是捐赠产品的ID号。

                          The button has two optional switches to hide parts of the the display hide_description=1 hide_buttons=1.

                        • 该按钮具有两个可选开关,以隐藏部分显示hide_description = 1 hide_buttons = 1。


    1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. plugin-name.php 上载到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    Uploading files (optional)


      • Open up a ftp connection to your wordpress site
      • 打开与您的wordpress网站的ftp连接

      • Navigate to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory off of the main site
      • 导航到主站点之外的/ wp-content / plugins /目录

      • Upload the Coin of the realm folder and all sub folders into the directory.

      • 将realm文件夹和所有子文件夹的Coin上载到目录中。

        Make sure to upload the folder not just the content of the folder.

      • 确保上传文件夹,而不仅仅是上传文件夹的内容。

      • The Plugin is now ready to activate
      • 该插件现在可以激活了

      Activating Coin of the Realm


        • Activate Coin of the Realm in the plugins page
        • 在插件页面激活领域的硬币

        • Once activated you will get 3 new menus, COTR Products, COTR Badges, and Coin of the Realm
        • 激活后,您将获得3个新菜单,COTR产品,COTR徽章和领域硬币

        • To complete the installation go to the Coin of the Realm menu and the base Coin of the Realm sub page
        • 要完成安装,请转到Realm菜单的Coin和Realm子页面的基本Coin

        General Setting


        The general setting are required for the proper operation of COTR.


        The general setting establish what the value of one ?coin?


        in in terms of referals and cash.


        It also determines what features of Coin of the real you want to use.


        Ideally these setting should be set once upon installation and not changed afterwards as changing the setting can change the value of individual users accounts.


          • Set the number of unique hits that a user needs to bring in to earn a single coin.

          • 设置用户需要赚取唯一硬币的次数。

            This value can be any positive whole number greater than 0.

          • 该值可以是大于0的任何正整数。

          • Set the Coin Cash value.

          • 设置硬币现金价值。

            This can be any positive whole or decimal number that represents the conversion rate for coins into real money when the coin is donated in a donation product.


            Number greater than 1 mean a coin is worth more than a single dollar (or whatever currency you are using) and conversely decimals less than 1 have the coin worth only cents on the dollar.

          • 大于1的数字表示硬币的价值大于一美元(或您使用的任何货币),反之,小于1的小数则表示该硬币仅值一分钱。

          • The Disable Badges drop down should be left to the default of No unless you experience errors on your comment pages after installing COTR.

          • 除非安装COTR后在注释页面上遇到错误,否则“禁用徽章”下拉菜单应保留为默认值“否”。

            On some custom Templates the badge system has interfeared with the commenting process this drop down is added to deactivate badges in that case.

          • 在某些自定义模板上,徽章系统与评论过程有关,在此情况下添加了此下拉菜单以停用徽章。