[wordpress插件] Collapsible Archive Widget可折叠存档小部件

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This simple plugin is a widget that displays a collapsible archives list in your widgetized sidebar by using JavaScripts.


In version 2.0.0 script.aculo.us effects has been added as an option, utilizing the script.aculo.us files supplied with WordPress.




    • Widget title: the title of the widget
    • 小部件标题:小部件的标题

    • Show post counts for year: Whether or not to show the post number for each year
    • 显示年份的职位数:是否显示每年的职位编号

    • Show post counts for month: Whether or not to show the post number for each month
    • 显示月份的帖子数:是否显示每月的帖子号

    • Abbreviate month names: Check this box to show abbreviation of month names
    • 月份名称缩写:选中此框以显示月份名称缩写

    • Hide year from month names: Do not print year after month names
    • 隐藏月份名称中的年份:请勿在月份名称之后打印年份

    • Use script.aculo.us effects: Whether or not to show effects
    • 使用script.aculo.us效果:是否显示效果

    • Expand effect: Effect to use when expanding the list
    • 扩展效果:扩展列表时使用的效果

    • Collapse effect: Effect to use when collapsing the list
    • 折叠效果:折叠列表时使用的效果

    • Expand the list by default: Check this box to have the list expanded when loaded
    • 默认情况下扩展列表:选中此框可在加载时扩展列表

    • Expand current year by default: Check this box to have the current year expanded when loaded
    • 默认情况下扩展当前年份:选中此框可在加载时扩展当前年份

    • Expand current month by default: Check this box to have the current month expanded when loaded
    • 默认情况下扩展当前月份:选中此框可在加载时扩展当前月份

    • Show individual posts: Show posts in the list.

    • 显示单个帖子:显示列表中的帖子。

      This should be used in extra caution;


      if you have a lot of posts consider disabling it as this will take time to load

    • 如果您有很多帖子,请考虑将其禁用,因为这将需要一段时间才能加载

    • Use HTML arrows instead of images (► ▼)
    • 使用HTML箭头而不是图像(►▼)

    • Show current month in bold: show current month in bold
    • 以粗体显示当前月份:以粗体显示当前月份

    • Show a link to plugin page.

    • 显示指向插件页面的链接。

      Thank you for your support!


      : Display a link to plugin page as a support method

    • :显示指向插件页面的链接作为一种支持方法



      • Add ability for multiple instances
      • 为多个实例添加功能

      • Add ability to work as non-widget
      • 增加非小工具的功能

      • Add ability to include / exclude categories
      • 增加包含/排除类别的功能

      • Expand previous month rather the current
      • 扩展上个月而不是当前

      • Research the practicality to use CSS / allow CSS options
      • 研究使用CSS的实用性/允许CSS选项

      • List posts without year and month headers (for blogs with few posts)
      • 列出没有年份和月份标题的帖子(对于帖子很少的博客)

      • Do not list the posts that are listed on the main page
      • 不列出主页上列出的帖子


    1. Make a directory collapsible-archive-widget under /wp-content/plugins/
    2. / wp-content / plugins / 下创建目录 collapsible-archive-widget

    3. Upload collapsible-archive.php to the /wp-content/plugins/collapsible-archive-widget/ directory
    4. collapsible-archive.php 上载到 / wp-content / plugins / collapsible-archive-widget / 目录

    5. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    6. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    7. Use your ‘Presentation’/’Sidebar Widgets’ settings to drag and configure
    8. 使用“演示文稿” /“侧边栏小部件”设置来拖动和配置

    9. If you want to change your plus and minus images, replace the PNG files.

    10. 如果要更改正负图像,请替换PNG文件。

      Best size is 22×22

    11. 最佳尺寸为22×22