[wordpress插件] Compound Searcher复合搜寻器

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The plugin gives search boxes on the blog additional functionalities for operators among search words, such as Google’s.


The other supported operators than the standard ‘and’ search are OR, -(exclude), *(any string) and parenthesis.


The plugin contains SearchWordsSQL and

该插件包含 SearchWordsSQL

"nofollow">Genericons libraries.

“ nofollow”> Genericons 库。

These are subject to the respective licenses.


If you want to redistribute this plugin with Genericons, you may have to comply with GPLv2 (not lesser).


Search Operators


    • Specify words separated by space(s) to search posts containing all the words.
    • 指定用空格分隔的单词以搜索包含所有单词的帖子。

    • Quote a string containing space(s) by double quotes to search posts which contain phrase(s) consisted of those words only in the order.
    • 用双引号将包含空格的字符串括起来,以搜索包含仅按顺序包含这些单词的短语的帖子。

    • Insert an asterisk (*) in a word without any space to search posts which contain the word(s) regardless of what the part of the asterisk is.
    • 在单词中插入一个星号(*),不带任何空格以搜索包含该单词的帖子,而不管星号的部分是什么。

    • Prepend a minus sign (-) without any space to a word to search posts which do not contain the word(s).
    • 在单词前加上减号(-),以搜索不包含该单词的帖子。

    • Specify two words separated by ” OR ” in upper case to search posts which contain either of words or both.

    • 用大写字母指定两个单词,用“ OR”分隔,以搜索包含单词或两者皆有的帖子。

      This takes precedence over words separated by space(s) only.

    • 这优先于仅由空格分隔的单词。

    • You can combine the above expression.

    • 您可以组合以上表达式。

      Use a pair of parenthesis to group expressions if needed.

    • 如果需要,请使用一对括号将表达式分组。

    It searches in the bodies and titles of posts in a case-insensitive manner.



Requires PHP 5.3.6 or later with mbstring enabled.

需要PHP 5.3.6或更高版本并启用mbstring。

Tested on PHP 5.3.10.

在PHP 5.3.10上进行了测试。

    1. Extract the archive into the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
    2. 将归档文件提取到“ / wp-content / plugins /”目录中。

    3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件。

    5. Configure the settings in the general settings page.
    6. 在“常规设置”页面中配置设置。