[wordpress插件] Contact Form 7: Accessible Defaults联系表格7:可访问的默认值

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How to use this plug-in:


If you install and activate this plug-in before installing Contact Form 7, the default form created by Contact Form 7 will be accessible.

如果在安装Contact Form 7之前安装并激活此插件,则可以访问由Contact Form 7创建的默认表单。

If you’ve already installed Contact Form 7, you’ll want to delete the default form and create new forms using the templates available in this plug-in.

如果您已经安装了Contact Form 7,则需要删除默认表单并使用此插件中可用的模板创建新表单。

Use Contact Form 7 with an accessible default form


This plug-in replaces the default template that Contact Form 7 automatically generates with an accessible equivalent of that form and adds a suite of additional basic form types that you can choose from to model your new forms.

此插件将Contact Form 7自动生成的默认模板替换为该表单的可访问等效项,并添加了一组其他基本表单类型供您选择,以为新表单建模。

The plug-in doesn't change anything about forms that have already been built with Contact Form 7. The structure of Contact Form 7 is such that it isn't possible for the plug-in to rewrite existing forms for improved accessibility

该插件不会更改已使用Contact Form 7构建的表单的任何内容。ContactForm 7的结构使得该插件无法重写现有表单以改善可访问性

, but it is possible to make sure that the base you have for starting a form is accessible.

,但 可以确保您可以访问创建表单的基础。

Contact Form 7 is actually a very accessible plug-in.


It has an accessible back-end, and if you create the right template, the front-end form will have great accessibility.


But the default form is not accessible.


Not at all, in fact – it’s missing some of the most basic elements of accessibility: form labels.


This plug-in supplies a new default form that includes everything you need to make your default form accessible.


For more information about making Contact Form 7 accessible, read how to set up an accessible form using contact form 7, by Rian Rietveld.

-contact-form-7-in-wordpress /“ rel =” nofollow“>如何使用Rian Rietveld的联系表格7 设置可访问表格。


    1. Upload the contact-form-7-accessible-defaults folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. contact-form-7-accessible-defaults 文件夹上传到您的 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate the plugin using the Plugins menu in WordPress
    4. 使用WordPress中的 Plugins 菜单激活插件

    5. Create a new Contact Form 7 form.
    6. 创建一个新的Contact Form 7表单。