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Acts as a thin layer between your UK commercial property estate agent’s WordPress theme, and CPD’s powerful commercial property search engine, with comprehensive details of the latest properties across the UK.


In effect, this plugin allows your developers to add an extensive UK commercial property search facility to your website.


Designed as a simple set of PHP classes, and an AJAX/JSON handler to help your page handlers capture and process your visitor’s search criteria, results, contact details and their clipboard.

设计为一组简单的PHP类,以及一个AJAX / JSON处理程序,可帮助您的页面处理程序捕获和处理访问者的搜索条件,结果,联系方式及其剪贴板。

The end goal is that an e-mail is sent to you and your visitor, containing the short-list of properties they are interested in.



You need to develop or customise your WordPress theme with custom 'page-*.php' pages that handle the functionality required in your particular use case, but having those pages make calls to the CPD REST API, via the utility functions provided

您需要使用自定义的'page-*。php'页面开发或自定义WordPress主题,这些页面可以处理特定用例中所需的功能,但通过提供的实用程序功能让这些页面调用CPD REST API

by this plugin.


In short, you need to create at least one custom page each for your property search form, search results, details view, and clipboard results view.


More detailed documentation is forthcoming, along with a demonstration theme that you can download and play with to see how it works, and use in whole or part to augment similar functionality in your own theme.


Be sure to put a valid CPD application token into the ‘CPD Search’ configuration page found in the WordPress admin area, until ‘Settings -> ‘CPD Search’.

请确保将有效的CPD应用程序令牌放入WordPress管理区域中的“ CPD搜索”配置页面,直到“设置->“ CPD搜索”。

Support available by e-mail