[wordpress插件] Custom Page Theme – A WordPress Theme Generator Plugin自定义页面主题– WordPress主题生成器插件

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The Custom Page Theme Plugin is been developed for those WordPress Theme writers who have very small hands on programming.


The plugin automate the whole programming stuff and helps the UI writer to more concentrate on their domain.


Major features that Custom Page Theme include:


    • Create your own WordPress Theme with no Or Least programming intervention.
    • 无需任何编程干预即可创建自己的WordPress主题。

    • You can apply any Theme onto any section of your website no matter what Active Theme you have selected.
    • 无论您选择了哪种活动主题,都可以将任何主题应用于网站的任何部分。

    • The scale of your Custom page Theme may vary from applying over Single Page, Single Post or even act as a whole Active Theme itself.

    • 自定义页面主题的规模可能与在“单页”,“单个帖子”上应用甚至是整个“活动主题”本身不同。

    • No need to make Custom Page Template if you can make and keep a Theme and apply it to one or more pages of website in just one mouse click.
    • 如果您可以制作和保留主题并将其应用于网站的一个或多个页面,则无需制作自定义页面模板。

    • The plugin will help you to make and keep the list of Themes as many as you want and use them any time on any section.
    • 该插件将帮助您制作和保留所需的主题列表,并随时在任何部分使用它们。

    • The plugin makes separate theme for each template you add, it make easy removal of Themes that have no more use.
    • 该插件为您添加的每个模板创建单独的主题,可轻松删除不再使用的主题。

    • You just have to paste small Shortcodes into your template files, the plugin itself will draw menus, page-content, comments and widgets ( like Search, Category, Meta Tags etc.) for you.
    • 您只需将小的Shortcodes粘贴到模板文件中,插件本身就会为您绘制菜单,页面内容,注释和小部件(例如Search,Category,Meta标签等)。



      • Shortcode for Navigation Menu (Example: Menu Name: main menu)

      • 导航菜单的简短代码(示例:菜单名称:主菜单)

        [custom_page_theme_nav menu="main menu"] OR

        [custom_page_theme_nav menu =“主菜单”]或

        <?php echo do_shortcode(“ [custom_page_theme_nav menu = \”主菜单\“]”);


      • ?>

      • Shortcode for Page content, Comment & Reply

      • 页面内容,评论和回复的简码

        <?php echo do_shortcode(“ [custom_page_theme_page_content_widget]”);


      • ?>



      However lot of studies has been done while making this plugin.


      Still the plugin is in begining state, we will suggest it to first use it on some stagging installation of wordpresss.


      Take complete backup of your WordPress website


      before installing it on your deployed version or use it at your own risk but please do not forget to back up your files and databases before use.


      If you’re new to WordPress or have a very limited technical background you may consider seeking out professional help your first time using the plugin.


      For any kind of assistance from our side, you can post your suggestions on our blog section.


      YouTube Channel: CUSTOM PAGE THEME






    • Upload custom-page-theme plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder and Activate it.
    • custom-page-theme 插件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / 文件夹并激活它。

    • It will add a menu ‘Custom Page Theme’ in admin panel in left menu.
    • 它将在左侧菜单的管理面板中添加菜单“自定义页面主题”。