[wordpress插件] Battle Suit for Divi迪维战斗服

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The Battle Suit for Divi by Divi Sensei is a collection of useful Divi modules, extension and overall improvements for the Divi Builder and the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

Divi Sensei制作的Divi战斗服集合了有用的Divi模块,对Divi Builder和Elegant Themes的Divi Theme进行了扩展和整体改进。

Divi modules


This version contains the following modules:


    • Another Post: display the content of another post.

    • 另一个帖子:显示另一个帖子的内容。

      The post can be any post type, even custom ones

    • 帖子可以是任何帖子类型,甚至可以是自定义帖子类型

    • Bucket: a blurb like module with hover effects, perfect for creating bucket lists or present products
    • 桶:具有悬停效果的类似Blur的模块,非常适合创建桶列表或当前产品

    • Footer: display the Divi footer.

    • 页脚:显示Divi页脚。

      Perfect if you want the default footer on a blank page template or in combination with layout injection plugins like Toolset

    • 如果您想要空白页模板上的默认页脚,或者与诸如工具集之类的布局注入插件结合使用,则非常理想

    • Library Layout: inject any layout from the Divi library
    • 库布局:从Divi库中插入任何布局

    • Masonry Gallery: a gallery alternative to the boring old Divi grid.

    • 砌体画廊:替代无聊的老Divi网格的画廊。

      Display images of various sizes in a nice, responsive masonry style

    • 以精美的响应式砖石样式显示各种尺寸的图像

    • Post Button: a button to link to a post
    • 帖子按钮:链接到帖子的按钮

    • Post Excerpt: a powerful module to display and customise the post excerpt
    • 文章摘录:一个功能强大的模块,用于显示和自定义文章摘录

    • Post Featured Image: display your featured image with all the advantages and settings of the Image module
    • 发布特色图片:利用图片模块的所有优点和设置显示特色图片

    • Post Meta: a highly customisable module to display post meta information the way you want it
    • 发布元:一个高度可定制的模块,用于以所需方式显示发布元信息

    • Post Title: a simple post title module
    • 帖子标题:一个简单的帖子标题模块

    • Transformable Image: a 3D image with hover effects
    • 可变形图像:具有悬停效果的3D图像

    • Video Lightbox: a module to open videos in a lightbox, perfect to replicate the Elegant Themes Blog
    • 视频灯箱:一个用于在灯箱中打开视频的模块,非常适合复制Elegant Themes Blog

    Our Post related modules are fully compatible with “The Loop” so you can use plugins like Toolset to completly customize your archive or search pages without coding, using shortcodes or customise your CSS.

    我们与Post相关的模块与“ The Loop”完全兼容,因此您可以使用Toolset等插件来完全自定义存档或搜索页面,而无需编写代码,使用短代码或自定义CSS。

    Divi extensions


    With our extensions, Divi becomes more accessible and easier to use:


      • “Edit in Visual Builder” link: this extensions adds a “Edit in Visual Builder” link in the post list page for every post, page and custom post type that uses the Visual Builder
      • “在Visual Builder中编辑”链接:此扩展为使用Visual Builder的每个帖子,页面和自定义帖子类型在帖子列表页面中添加了“在Visual Builder中编辑”链接

      • Responsive Preview: this extension adds additional responsive breakpoints to the Visual Builder mobile preview.

      • 响应式预览:此扩展将其他响应式断点添加到Visual Builder移动预览中。

        Now you can check out how your site would look on XS, S, M, L and XL phones as well as S, M and L tablets

      • 现在,您可以查看您的网站在XS,S,M,L和XL手机以及S,M和L平板电脑上的外观。

      • Permanent Theme Options Help: many people don’t even know that Divis Theme Options settings have a help text.

      • 永久主题选项帮助:很多人甚至不知道Divis主题选项设置具有帮助文本。

        Now you can permanently display the help text in the Theme Options

      • 现在,您可以在主题选项中永久显示帮助文本

      • Permanent VB Help: permanently display the help text for settings fields in the Visual Builder.

      • 永久性VB帮助:在Visual Builder中永久显示设置字段的帮助文本。

        This extension is perfect if you are a beginner

      • 如果您是初学者,此扩展程序是完美的

      • Permanent VB Icons: permanently display the icons like help and hover settings next to a settings field label in the Visual Builder
      • 永久VB图标:在Visual Builder中,在设置字段标签旁边永久显示诸如帮助和悬停设置之类的图标

      WordPress Widgets


      This version contains the following widgets:


        • Blurb: A simple yet very useful sidebar and footer widget which allows you to combine an image with some text and make the whole thing a clickable link to any url you like
        • 模糊:一个简单但非常有用的侧边栏和页脚小部件,可让您将图像与一些文本结合在一起,并使整个内容成为指向您喜欢的任何URL的可点击链接


Upload through WordPress:


    1. Go to your WordPress Plugins section
    2. 转到您的WordPress 插件部分

    3. Click on the Add New button
    4. 点击添加新按钮

    5. Click on the Upload Plugin button
    6. 点击上传插件按钮

    7. Click on the Choose File button
    8. 点击选择文件按钮

    9. Select the ds-suit.zip file
    10. 选择 ds-suit.zip 文件

    11. Click on the Install Now button
    12. 点击立即安装按钮

    13. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    14. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    Manual upload:


      1. Upload ds-suit.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
      2. ds-suit.zip 上载到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

      3. Unzip the zip file
      4. 解压缩zip文件

      5. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
      6. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件