[wordpress插件] Dojo (beta)道场(测试版)

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We are currently in Beta and excited to see this plugin begin to make a difference in the Martial Arts community.


As we work out rough edges and push toward an official v1.0 we highly value your feedback!


The Dojo plugin is built primarily for managing a Martial Arts school with a member interface on your web site.


Dojo aims to simplify contract management and give members self-serve options so you can focus on running a great program!


Here’s what you can expect in this plugin:


    • Fully a WordPress solution.

    • 完全是WordPress解决方案。

      No iframes or linking members off to other sites, this is running on your site.

    • 没有iframe或将成员链接到其他网站,该网站正在您的网站上运行。

    • Add all the programs you offer with optional age ranges.
    • 添加您提供的带有可选年龄范围的所有程序。

    • Set up membership contracts with configuration details like family pricing, registration fees, cancellation policies, terms links, and attached forms for download.
    • 设置具有配置详细信息的会员合同,例如家庭定价,注册费,取消政策,条款链接和随附的下载表格。

    • Configure your own ranking system and have any number of rank types, like belt ranks and collar ranks.
    • 配置您自己的排名系统,并具有任意数量的等级类型,例如皮带等级和衣领等级。

    • Member workflow ready to go that takes users through sign up, adding family members, selecting a membership and submitting a membership application with all the options you configured.
    • 准备就绪的会员工作流程将带用户完成注册,添加家庭成员,选择成员资格以及提交具有您配置的所有选项的成员资格申请。

    • Administrator dashboard where you can manage students and accept new applications.
    • 管理员仪表板,您可以在其中管理学生并接受新的申请。

    • Member dashboard where members can see the status of their membership, manage their monthly billing day, and add new students.
    • 成员仪表板,成员可以在其中查看其成员身份,管理其每月账单日以及添加新学生。

    • Developer hooks for extending and customizing.
    • 用于扩展和定制的开发人员挂钩。

    • And of course, mobile friendly.

    • 当然,移动友好。

      Everything is designed to be responsive.

    • 一切都旨在响应。

    For now, of course, you can also expect a beta version experience:


      • No multisite support yet
      • 尚无多站点支持

      • Not localization friendly yet
      • 尚不支持本地化

      • There are going to be some rough edges.

      • 会有一些粗糙的边缘。

        If you find some, please let us know!

      • 如果找到一些,请告诉我们!

      Pro Add-Ons (not included in this plugin):


      There are multiple add-ons available from Dojo Source and more to come.

      Dojo Source提供了多个附加组件,以后还会有更多附加组件。

      The Invoices add-on we intend to keep free and is currently


      available to everyone.


      The other add-ons are currently being made available to a limited number of beta testers.


        • Invoices adds invoices to every transaction so members can see their payment history and details.
        • 发票将发票添加到每笔交易中,以便会员可以查看其付款历史记录和详细信息。

        • Payments adds online payment options to invoices and handles automatic recurring payments.

        • 付款将在线付款选项添加到发票中并处理自动重复付款。

          Members can manage their payment methods online.

        • 会员可以在线管理其付款方式。

        • Events adds a custom post type for events and integrates with family pricing, invoices and payments for online registration.
        • 事件添加事件的自定义帖子类型,并与家庭定价,发票和付款集成以进行在线注册。


Load and activate the plugin


    1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/dojo directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
    2. 将插件文件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / dojo 目录,或直接通过WordPress插件屏幕安装插件。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”屏幕激活插件

    Check your permalinks


      • Go to Settings -> Permalinks and verify you do not have it set to, “Plain”.

      • 转到“设置”->“永久链接”,并验证您是否将其设置为“普通”。

        The member pages will not work otherwise.

      • 成员页面将无法正常工作。

      Set up your Dojo!


        • Find My Dojo in the main admin menu.
        • 在主管理菜单中找到“我的Dojo”。

        • Select My Dojo -> Programs and add all the programs you offer.

        • 选择我的Dojo->程序,然后添加您提供的所有程序。

          (or just a couple to get started)

        • (或者只有几个入门)

        • Select My Dojo -> Contracts and set up contracts that will be your membership options.

        • 选择我的Dojo->合同,然后设置将成为您的成员资格选项的合同。

          The last option on the contract is to select which programs that contract has access to.

        • 合同的最后一个选择是选择合同可以访问的程序。

        • Select My Dojo -> Documents and upload any waivers or other such documents you want to attach to contracts.

        • 选择我的Dojo->文档,然后上传您希望附加到合同的任何豁免或其他此类文档。

          You can go back into the contracts and select them.

        • 您可以回到合同中并选择它们。

        • Select My Dojo -> Ranks and add at least one rank type.

        • 选择我的Dojo->排名,然后至少添加一种排名类型。

          I would start with rank type, “Belt” then add all the ranks under that type.

        • 我将从等级类型“ Belt”开始,然后添加该类型下的所有等级。

        • Select My Dojo -> Settings to view your settings options.

        • 选择我的Dojo->设置以查看您的设置选项。

          The default url to the member pages is /members, you can change that here if you like.

          成员页面的默认URL是/ members,您可以根据需要在此处进行更改。

          Just put in the name you want without any slashes.

        • 只需输入您想要的名称即可,没有任何斜杠。

        You are ready to go!


        Just navigate to your members page (yoursite.com/members if you didn’t change it) and try it out!


        To view notifications and respond to membership applications go to My Dojo -> Dashboard or just click on My Dojo.