[wordpress插件] Drafts of Post Revisions修订后的草稿

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Create drafts of WordPress posts/pages/CPTs even after they’ve been published.

即使已发布WordPress帖子/页面/ CPT,也可以创建它们的草稿。

And when you’re ready, merge the changes back into the original published post.




    • Create multiple drafts of already published posts
    • 创建多个已发布帖子的草稿

    • Merge the changes back into the published post when you’re ready
    • 准备就绪时,将更改合并回发布的帖子中

    • Uses the published posts’s original post type, so metas, taxonomies, etc all are available in admin screens and can even be modified in the draft and merged back into the original post
    • 使用已发布帖子的原始帖子类型,因此元数据,分类法等都可以在管理屏幕中使用,甚至可以在草稿中进行修改并合并回到原始帖子中

    • Perform a post diff similar to WP’s default revision.php?action=diff with added ability to compare changes in post meta and taxonomies
    • 执行类似于WP默认版本.php?action = diff的发布差异,并具有比较发布元和分类法更改的功能

    • See a notice when the original post has been updated ahead of a draft
    • 在草稿之前更新原始帖子时,请查看通知

    • Preview drafts in the post/page/CPT’s natural template
    • 帖子/页面/ CPT的自然模板中的预览草稿

    • Since drafts all carry the same custom post status, they are organized in the admin’s edit.php with their own status filter (see screenshot-4)
    • 由于草稿均具有相同的自定义帖子状态,因此它们在管理员的edit.php中使用其自己的状态过滤器进行组织(请参见屏幕截图4)

    This plugin requires javascript.


    How Does it Work?


    Go to a post’s edit screen and click on the “Save a Draft” button in the Drafts of Revisions postbox (make sure you’ve enabled the post type first).


    The post’s core data, taxonomies, and meta data are all copied into a new post – the draft – as a child of the original post.


    The draft has a custom post status;


    it will never show up in any queries for posts.


    You can create as many drafts as you like.


    You can edit a draft’s post content, taxonomies, and meta data as you like and save progress with the native WP “Save Draft” button.


    You can also preview the draft and compare changes against the parent at any time (even comparing changes in taxonomies and meta data).


    When you’re ready to update the parent post, click the Publish button from the draft’s edit page.


    All post data, taxonomies, and meta data are merged back into the parent post and the draft post is deleted.



See Installing Plugins.


    1. Download the zip from here or from Github and drop it into your site's wp-

    2. 从此处或从 Github 下载zip并将其放入网站的wp-

      content/plugins directory, or go to your site > Plugins > Add New > search for 'Drafts of Post Revisions'

    3. 内容/插件目录,或转到您的站点>插件>添加新>搜索“发布修订草案”

    4. Navigate to your site’s Admin > Plugins section (wp-admin/plugins.php) and activate the plugin
    5. 导航到您网站的“管理”>“插件”部分(wp-admin / plugins.php)并激活插件

    6. Go to Settings > Drafts of Revisions to set up the permitted post types
    7. 转到“设置”>“修订草稿”以设置允许的帖子类型

    8. Go to any post edit screen and look for the Drafts of Revisions postbox in the upper right above the Publish postbox.

    9. 转到任何帖子编辑屏幕,然后在“发布”邮箱上方的右上方查找“修订草案”邮箱。

      Click on “Save a Draft” to create a new draft of a published post

    10. 点击“保存草稿”以创建已发布帖子的新草稿