[wordpress插件] Draugiem.lv PaseDraugiem.lv通行证

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Allows to register, log in and post comments to a WordPress based website by using “Draugiem pase” authentication provided by draugiem.lv social network.

允许使用draugiem.lv社交网络提供的“ Draugiem pase”身份验证来注册,登录和发布评论到基于WordPress的网站。

To use this plugin, you have to get your App ID and API key by registering your application on draugiem.lv – development section.


Plugin replaces user avatars with their draugiem.lv profile pics (may not work with older themes) and shows a link to draugiem.lv profile next to the comments.



    1. Upload folder /draugiem-pase/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. 将文件夹 / draugiem-pase / 上载到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件。

    5. Create your application in draugiem.lv development section to get your App ID and

    6. draugiem.lv开发部分中创建应用程序以获取您的应用ID和

      API key.

    7. API密钥。

    8. Configure your App ID and API key in ‘Settings’->’Draugiem pase’ menu in WordPress.
    9. 在WordPress的“设置”->“ Draugiem姿势”菜单中配置您的App ID和API密钥。

    10. That’s all.
    11. 仅此而已。