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Allows you to upload your themes CSS, JavaScript, and Images into your Dropbox ‘Public’ folder and server these files from the Dropbox network, reducing the bandwidth of your server and allowing users to load your site faster.

允许您将主题CSS,JavaScript和图像上载到Dropbox的“ Public”文件夹中,并通过Dropbox网络将这些文件存储在服务器上,从而减少了服务器的带宽并允许用户更快地加载您的网站。

Please note that as of now, this plugin only supports themes who use the filters ‘template_directory’, ‘template_directory_uri’, ‘stylesheet_directory’, and ‘stylesheet_directory_uri’ to determine the paths to the theme’s template and stylesheet files.

请注意,到目前为止,此插件仅支持使用过滤器“ template_directory”,“ template_directory_uri”,“ stylesheet_directory”和“ stylesheet_directory_uri”来确定主题模板和样式表文件路径的主题。

I would only suggest this plugin for users who aren’t afraid of getting their hands a little diry.


This plugin is in no way affiliated with Dropbox.



    1. Download the .zip file
    2. 下载.zip文件

    3. Unpack into wp-content/plugins/ folder
    4. 解压到wp-content / plugins /文件夹中

    5. Activate the plugin
    6. 激活插件

    7. Follow the steps on the settings page
    8. 按照设置页面上的步骤


      1. Login into your wp-admin section
      2. 登录到您的wp-admin部分

      3. From the Plugins menu choose ‘Add New’
      4. 从“插件”菜单中选择“添加新内容”

      5. Search for ‘Dropbox CDN’
      6. 搜索“ Dropbox CDN”

      7. Click on the ‘Install’ link for this plugin
      8. 点击此插件的“安装”链接

      9. Follow the steps on the settings page
      10. 按照设置页面上的步骤