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Thousands of users already optimized their WordPress sites with Clearfy plugin.

成千上万的用户已经使用 Clearfy插件优化了WordPress网站。

It’s multipurpose and free tool with tons of settings.


Combine it with other plugins and you’ll get better optimized and secure WordPress website.


Optimize SEO and SPEED of your website in 5 minutes


    1. Clear website code from trash;
    2. 从垃圾箱中清除网站代码;

    3. Eliminate the WordPress vulnerabilities;
    4. 消除WordPress漏洞;

    5. Speed up search engine indexing;
    6. 加快搜索引擎索引编制速度;

    7. Fix another plugin’s bugs;
    8. 修复另一个插件的错误;

    9. Make your WordPress easier, more convenient and faster.
    10. 使您的WordPress更轻松,更便捷,更快捷。

    You’ll get 50+ useful functions for your WordPress website optimization, mixed and packed into the only one Clearfy plugin.

    您将获得 50 + 个可用于WordPress网站优化的有用功能,这些功能混合并打包到了一个Clearfy插件中。

    In addition, we have quality video lessons and tutorials that will help you to understand plugin settings.


    But don’t hurry to download Clearfy until you know its history and strengths.

    但不要急着下载Clearfy ,直到您知道它的历史和优点。

    WordPress optimization plugin Clearfy — the beginning


    We create plugins, themes and customer’s projects more than 8 years.


    Every time, we faced the same problem — each project is unique and do not need all WordPress functions which continued to consume hosting resources, make SEO problems and interfered with daily work.


    To fix this we used our prepared code snippets and wasted many time for theirs testing and revisions.


    Therefore, we decided to create universal plugin to speed up our work.


    Using all of our skills, we collected them into one WordPress plugin called Clearfy.

    利用我们所有的技能,我们将它们收集到一个名为 Clearfy 的WordPress插件中。

    Initially we used optimization plugin for customer’s projects and ours but later we understood that problem is global so we shared plugin for you absolutely free.



    Maybe you know the situations when you need to remove extra code, widget or delete duplicate pages on your website.


    Sometimes you inserted code snippets, which you have found in web by yourself or spent big money with freelancers.


    Now you have excellent opportunity to optimize WordPress with Clarify plugin and not waste your time at specialists or use doubtful solutions.


    How Clearfy will improve WordPress SEO

    Clearfy将如何改善WordPress SEO

    Based on users’ feedback, who optimized WordPress with Clearfy plugin, there is good performance growth at the Pingdom, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow services.

    根据用户的反馈,他们使用Clearfy插件优化了WordPress,Pingdom,GTmetrix,Google PageSpeed Insights和YSlow服务的性能都有良好的增长。

    In addition, we observed important features:


      • the page indexing of websites, blogs and online stores has improved;
      • 网站,博客和在线商店的页面索引已改善;

      • the pages became better ranking by search engines after duplicates deletion;
      • 删除重复项后,搜索引擎对页面进行更好的排名;

      • websites became cleaner for search engines that was improved SEO and traffic.
      • 对于搜索引擎而言,网站变得更加干净,从而改善了SEO和流量。

      Do you want the same or better?


      Download Clearfy for free and see for yourself!

      免费下载Clearfy ,亲自体验一下!

      Configuring the plugin takes only 5-10 minutes.


      Just think how long it would be take you to find and configure all optimization scripts, plugins, if you had not the all in one solution Clearfy.


      More than 50 Clearfy plugin features for WordPress optimization


      Code cleanup


        • Disable RSS Feeds — disables RSS if you using WordPress for website only, not for blog.
        • 禁用RSS源-如果仅将WordPress用于网站而不是博客,则禁用RSS。

        • Disable Rest API — disables Rest API and removes Rest API links.

        • 禁用Rest API -禁用Rest API并删除Rest API链接。

          Use this if you don’t need to manage WordPress with third party solutions.

        • 如果您不需要使用第三方解决方案来管理WordPress,请使用此功能。

        • Disable Emojis — emojis generates extra code and slow down the site, even if you did not put any smiley.
        • 禁用表情符号-即使您没有放置任何笑脸,表情符号也会生成额外的代码并降低网站速度。

        • Remove jQuery Migrate — if you use several popular plugins that are regularly updates, then you can safely delete jQuery Migrate.
        • 删除jQuery Migrate —如果您使用几个受欢迎的定期更新的插件,则可以安全地删除jQuery Migrate。

        • Disable Embeds — if you do not insert videos into the posts or pages, turn embeds off.
        • 禁用嵌入-如果您没有在帖子或页面中插入视频,请关闭嵌入。

        • Remove dns-prefetch — may improve image loading in some cases.
        • 删除dns-prefetch -在某些情况下可以改善图像加载。

        • Remove RSD link — if you create posts and pages inside WordPress then you do not need the Real Simple Discovery function.
        • 删除RSD链接-如果您在WordPress中创建帖子和页面,则不需要Real Simple Discovery功能。

        • Remove wlwmanifest Link — if you publish posts and pages via WordPress interface, 99% this function is not necessary for you.
        • 删除wlwmanifest链接-如果您通过WordPress界面发布帖子和页面,则99%的此功能对您来说不是必需的。

        • Remove Shortlink — if you use permalinks, you do not need the shortlinks.
        • 删除短链接-如果您使用永久链接,则不需要短链接。

        • Remove Previous/Next Post Link in HEAD — delete previous and next post links if you do not use the blog.
        • 删除HEAD中的上一个/下一个帖子链接-如果不使用博客,则删除上一个和下一个帖子链接。

        • Remove .recentcomments Styles — remove if you want to change the “Related posts” widget styles.
        • 删除.recentcomments样式-如果要更改“相关帖子”小部件样式,则删除。

        • Minify Html — compresses the code, speeds up the website loading.
        • 缩小HTML —压缩代码,加快网站加载速度。

        • WordPress Sanitization — removes invalid and malicious characters from the URLs and file names.
        • WordPress清理-从URL和文件名中删除无效和恶意字符。

        WordPress SEO optimization

        WordPress SEO优化

          • Automatically insert the alt attribute — sets the alt attribute for all images in posts and pages, if alt is absent.
          • 自动插入alt属性-如果不存在alt,则设置帖子和页面中所有图像的alt属性。

          • Create the Correct robots.txt — helps to create the perfect Robots.txt to improve the indexing or close that would not be indexed.
          • 创建正确的robots.txt -帮助创建完美的Robots.txt,以改善索引或关闭无法索引的索引。

          • Insert the Last Modified Header Automatically — it helps search engines to understand which posts and pages are modified last and index them first.
          • 自动插入最后修改的标题 –它可以帮助搜索引擎了解哪些帖子和页面最后被修改并首先对其进行索引。

          • Return If-Modified-Since Header — improves indexing telling to search engines that pages and posts have changed.
          • 返回自标题后的If-Modified--改进了索引功能,可告知搜索引擎页面和帖子已更改。

          • Remove Post Title from Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs — cuts out the title from breadcrumbs at pages or posts.
          • 从Yoast SEO面包屑中删除帖子标题-在页面或帖子中从面包屑中删除标题。

          • Remove image:image tag from the Yoast SEO XML Sitemap — eliminates the site map errors at the Yandex Webmaster.
          • 从Yoast SEO XML网站地图中删除image:image标签-消除了Yandex网站管理员的网站地图错误。

          • Disable Schema JSON-LD — forbids Google to generate advanced search snippet with website page links.
          • 禁用架构JSON-LD -禁止Google生成带有网站页面链接的高级搜索代码段。

          • Disable SEO Yoast’s Structured Data — disables structured company data generated by Yoast SEO.
          • 禁用SEO Yoast的结构化数据-禁用Yoast SEO生成的结构化公司数据。

          • Remove Yoast SEO Comments from Head Section — removes data from the code, which tells that your website is optimized by Yoast SEO plugin.
          • 从头部删除Yoast SEO注释-从代码中删除数据,这表明您的网站已通过Yoast SEO插件进行了优化。

          Remove WordPress page duplicates


            • Remove Date Archives — completely removes the date archives and sets the redirect to front-page.

            • 删除日期档案-完全删除日期档案,并将重定向设置为首页。

            • Remove Author Archives — completely removes the author archives and sets the redirect to front-page.

            • 删除作者档案-完全删除作者档案并将重定向设置为首页。

              It is useful if the site’s author is single.

            • 如果网站的作者是单身,这将很有用。

            • Remove Tags Archives — removes tag archives and redirects to front-page.
            • 删除标签归档文件-删除标签归档文件并重定向到首页。

            • Remove Attachment’s Pages — by default, each media file has its own page.

            • 删除附件的页面-默认情况下,每个媒体文件都有自己的页面。

              Clearfy removes them and redirects to the page or post into which this media file was inserted.

            • Clearfy会删除它们,并重定向到该媒体文件插入到的页面或帖子。

            • Remove Posts Pagination — page navigation is not needed with a single post.

            • 删除帖子分页-单个帖子不需要页面导航。

              It is better to delete it and make some posts.

            • 最好将其删除并发表一些帖子。

            • Remove ?replytocom — eliminates the posts comments duplicates.
            • 删除?replytocom -删除帖子评论重复项。

            WordPress privacy settings


              • Remove Generator Meta Tag — version info remove.
              • 删除生成器元标记-删除版本信息。

              • Remove Style Files Version — complicates the process if someone wants to hack your site.
              • 删除样式文件版本-如果有人想要入侵您的网站,则会使该过程复杂化。

              • Remove Javascript Files Version — it is more difficult to determine the version of installed plugins and hack the site.
              • 删除Javascript文件版本-确定已安装插件的版本并入侵网站更加困难。

              • Remove Querystrings — helps with the caching of JS and CSS and increase the speed of website load.
              • 删除查询字符串-帮助缓存JS和CSS,并提高网站加载速度。

              • Remove HTML Comments — hacker cannot determine versions of themes and plugins by comments in the code.
              • 删除HTML注释 –黑客无法通过代码中的注释来确定主题和插件的版本。

              WordPress defense


                • Hide Author’s Login — complicates the hacking process.

                • 隐藏作者的登录名-使黑客程序复杂化。

                  It’s more difficult to find out your login for hacker.

                • 很难找到黑客的登录信息。

                • Hide WordPress Login Error Messages — the attacker does not understand what he entered incorrectly, login or password.
                • 隐藏WordPress登录错误消息-攻击者无法理解他输入的错误信息,登录名或密码。

                • Disable XML-RPC — disable pingbacks and trackbacks.
                • 禁用XML-RPC -禁用pingback和引用。

                • Disable X-Pingback Link — removes the link and the ability to spam with pingbacks.
                • 禁用X-Pingback链接-删除链接并使用pingback垃圾邮件。

                WordPress widgets


                  • WP Widgets Disable — removes WordPress widgets, all or selectively (Links, Archives, Meta, Search, etc.)
                  • WP Widgets Disable (禁用WP窗口小部件) —删除WordPress窗口小部件的全部或选择性(链接,存档,元数据,搜索等)

                  WordPress updates: core, plugins, themes


                    • Automatic Plugins Updates — turn it on and you no longer need to think about plugins updates.
                    • 自动插件更新-将其打开,您不再需要考虑插件更新。

                    • Disable Plugins Updates — disables plugins updates and updates notices.

                    • 禁用插件更新-禁用插件更新和更新通知。

                      You can disable updates of all plugins or each individually.

                    • 您可以禁用所有插件的更新,也可以分别禁用。

                    • Automatic Themes Updates — all of your themes will update automatically.
                    • 自动主题更新-您的所有主题都会自动更新。

                    • Disable Themes Updates — all of your themes will stop to update and notify about updates.
                    • 禁用主题更新-您的所有主题都将停止更新并通知更新。

                    • Disable Translation Updates — disables automatic translation updates for themes and plugins.
                    • 禁用翻译更新-禁用主题和插件的自动翻译更新。

                    • WordPress Automatic Updates — your WordPress will be update automatically.
                    • WordPress自动更新-您的WordPress将自动更新。

                    • Disable WordPress Updates — completely disables WordPress updates.
                    • 禁用WordPress更新-完全禁用WordPress更新。

                    • Disable Update Notifications — users without permissions to update themes, plugins and WordPress will not receive updates notifications.
                    • 禁用更新通知-没有权限更新主题,插件和WordPress的用户将不会收到更新通知。

                    WordPress comments


                      • Disable Comments — allows you to completely disable WordPress comments overall or for selected post types.
                      • 禁用评论-允许您完全禁用WordPress整体评论或选定帖子类型的评论。

                      • Remove Comments / Delete Comments — completely removes WordPress comments.
                      • 删除评论/删除评论-完全删除WordPress评论。

                      • Close Comments — completely closes WordPress comments and removes the “Comments” section from the left menu.
                      • 关闭评论-完全关闭WordPress注释并从左侧菜单中删除“评论”部分。

                      • Remove URL / Website Field from Comment Form — removes a comment author Website field.
                      • 从评论表单中删除URL /网站字段-删除评论作者的“网站”字段。

                      • Replace Outbound Links in Comments with Javascript — all external links in comments are reliably closes from search engines indexing.
                      • 用Java脚本替换注释中的出站链接-注释中的所有外部链接均已可靠地从搜索引擎索引中关闭。

                      • Replace Outbound Links of Comment Authors with Javascript — search engines no longer index links to the comment author’s site.
                      • 用Java脚本替换注释作者的出站链接-搜索引擎不再为指向注释作者网站的链接编制索引。

                      Admin notices, WordPress updates notifications


                        • Disable Admin Notices — hides all or selected notifications of the WordPress admin.
                        • 禁用管理员通知-隐藏所有或选定的WordPress管理员通知。

                        Heartbeat API optimization


                          • Disable WordPress Heartbeat API — completely disables the Heartbeat API WordPress function.
                          • 禁用WordPress Heartbeat API -完全禁用Heartbeat API WordPress功能。

                          • Limit WordPress Heartbeat API — limit the frequency of Heartbeat API requests.
                          • 限制WordPress Heartbeat API -限制Heartbeat API请求的频率。

                          WordPress admin bar optimization


                            • Remove, Hide or Disable top Admin Bar — completely disables Admin Bar when browsing the website.
                            • 删除,隐藏或禁用顶部管理栏-在浏览网站时完全禁用管理栏。

                            • Remove WP Logo from Admin Bar — removes the WordPress logo, eliminates accidentally clicking on it.
                            • 从管理栏中删除WP徽标-删除WordPress徽标,从而避免意外单击它。

                            • Replace “Howdy” with “Welcome” — changes the text of the greetings WordPress for greater presentability and respectful treatment.
                            • 将“ Howdy”替换为“ Welcome” -更改问候语WordPress的文本,以提高呈现力和尊敬的待遇。

                            WordPress posts optimization


                              • Disable Revisions — completely disables posts/pages revisions.
                              • 禁用修订-完全禁用帖子/页面修订。

                              • Limit Revisions — limits the number of revisions per post/page.
                              • 限制修订-限制每个帖子/页面的修订数量。

                              • Disable Autosave — disables autosaves when editing posts and pages.
                              • 禁用自动保存-在编辑帖子和页面时禁用自动保存。

                              • Remove Smart Quotes — disables automatic insertion of “typographic quotes”.
                              • 删除智能报价-禁用自动插入“印刷报价”。

                              • Remove Auto Paragraph (Wpautop) — disables texts auto-formatting.
                              • 删除自动段落(Wpautop)-禁用文本自动格式化。

                              WordPress scripts and styles manager (assets manager)


                                • Disable Unused Styles of Plugins and Themes — you can selectively disable styles where they are not need and speed up the website.
                                • 禁用插件和主题的未使用样式-您可以有选择地禁用不需要它们的样式并加快网站访问速度。

                                • Disable Unused Scripts of Plugins and Themes — disable scripts wholly or partly and optimize the loading of your website.
                                • 禁用插件和主题的未使用脚本-完全或部分禁用脚本并优化网站的加载。

                                New useful tools and opportunities for WordPress optimization


                                WP Asset CleanUp Manager (Gonzales), Disable Comments and remove comments in database, Heartbeat Control, Disable updates and enable


                                automatic plugins and themes updates


                                One click to WordPress optimization


                                As you can see, the Clearfy plugin has a tremendous set of functions for WordPress optimization.


                                In addition, you can turn off any unnecessary function in one click.


                                You can forget about opening functions.php, insertion kilometers of code and, in the end, getting critical errors on the website.

                                您可能会忘记打开 functions.php ,插入数千米的代码,最后在网站上遇到严重错误。

                                Also, remember that WordPress is regularly updates and at one not the perfect moment, your site will break, because the manually inserted code has not been updated by anyone.


                                Better, use the Clearfy plugin, which is updates and supports by WordPress professionals and, in addition, does not load your site.


                                Of course, there are many similar solutions, but to replace Clearfy, you will need to install about 30 plugins, each of which performs only a small role in WordPress optimization.


                                Thus, the Clearfy plugin, amazing with its functions, will be your indispensable assistant to improve:


                                  • security;
                                  • 安全;

                                  • promotion and SEO;
                                  • 促销和SEO;

                                  • speed of the website, blog and online store.
                                  • 网站,博客和在线商店的速度。

                                  Important notice! Clearfy does not replace defense, promotion and acceleration plugins, it’s only complements them.

                                  重要提示! Clearfy不会替代防御,升级和加速插件,只是对它们的补充。

                                  This plugin should be on every WordPress website.


                                  Feel free to install this must-have plugin, share it with friends and colleagues to make their sites better and simplify their life!


                                  Thanks the authors of plugins


                                  We used some useful functions from plugins WP Asset CleanUp (Gonzales), bicycles by falbar, wp disable, easy updates

                                  我们使用了插件中的一些有用功能 WP Asset CleanUp(Gonzales) falbar骑自行车禁用wp 轻松更新

                                  manager, Disabler, Admin Bar Disabler, Cerber Security & Antispam, Admin Tweaks,

                                  经理禁用管理栏禁用 Cerber Security&Antispam 管理调整

                                  >Autoptimize, Fast Velocity Minify, Minify HTML, Hummingbird Page Speed Optimization, WP Super Minify

                                  >自动优化最快速度缩小缩小HTML 蜂鸟页面速度优化 WP Super Minify


                                  Recommended separate add-ons


                                  If you think that you do not need all Clearfy features, you can pick up a mini plugin in the list below.


                                  Each of these plugins solves only one specific task.


                                  All of them are already part of the Clearfy plugin:



This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


    1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
    2. 将插件文件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / plugin-name 目录,或直接通过WordPress插件屏幕安装插件。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”屏幕激活插件

    5. Use the Settings->Clearfy – disable unused features screen to configure the plugin
    6. 使用“设置”->“清除–禁用未使用的功能”屏幕来配置插件