[wordpress插件] Click-to-Call for Twilio点击通话以获取Twilio

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This plugin enables your web visitors to interact with your Twilio endpoint numbers directly over the phone, SMS/MMS and FAX using

此插件使您的Web访问者可以直接通过电话,SMS / MMS和FAX与您的 Twilio 终端号码进行交互

simple shortcodes.


In order to get Click-to-Call for Twilio to work, you need to add your Twilio ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN.

为了使Twilio可以使用点击通话,您需要添加Twilio帐户SID和AUTH TOKEN。

Basically these are the keys that will grant plugin access to your Twilio Cloud Infrastructure and will be able to initiate actions.

基本上,这些密钥将为插件授予对Twilio Cloud Infrastructure的访问权限,并能够启动操作。

If you don’t have a Twilio account don’t worry, setting up an account is very simple and you can get your trial credentials in a matter of seconds.


You can find a very comprehensive video tutorial here.


Obtaining the Twilio SID and AUTH tokens

获得Twilio SID和AUTH令牌

After you have your Twilio account set up navigate to your main Twilio Dashboard and copy your credentials into the

设置Twilio帐户后,导航至主 Twilio信息中心,然后将您的凭据复制到

general settings of the plugin.


Adding a Click-to-Call shortcode


To add a shortcode of your Click-to-Call button simply add the following to any part of your WordPress page or visual editor:


[twtcall label='Click To Call' number='+1501222333']

  [twtcall label ='Click To Call'number ='+ 1501222333']

Notice that by default the label for the button is ‘Click to Call’ which you can change to whatever is the best for you.


The second part of the shortcode is the default Voice number that you set up in the Settings page.


You can overwrite it with another Voice capable number that you have in your Twilio account.


You can find more in the Documentation section on our website and you can also test the


="https://twilio.dasweb.ca/click-to-call-for-wordpress/" rel="nofollow">Demo of the Click-to-Call functionality.

=“ https://twilio.dasweb.ca/click-to-call-for-wordpress/” rel =“ nofollow”>演示。

Pro Version


The Pro Version offers you a full integration of the SMS


/MMS and Fax options and offers you more options, customization and 6 months of free support.

/ MMS和传真选项,并为您提供更多选项,自定义和6个月的免费支持。

    • Click-to-Call feature – Direct contact with your website visitors
    • 点击通话功能–直接与您的网站访问者联系

    • SMS/MMS functionality – Capture visitors’ phone numbers and send marketing/contact info
    • SMS / MMS功能–捕获访客的电话号码并发送营销/联系信息

    • vCards sent to visitors – Send visitors your contact information in a phone-ready format
    • 发给访客的vCard –以电话就绪格式向访客发送您的联系信息

    • Fax outbound feature – Use it internally as a virtual fax machine to send documents
    • 传真出站功能–在内部用作虚拟传真机来发送文档

    • Custom Voice Message – Write your own welcome message when placing click-to-call actions
    • 自定义语音消息–放置点击通话操作时编写自己的欢迎消息

    • Custom Countries Flags – Select the countries you want to be visible in the input field
    • 自定义国家/地区标志-选择要在输入字段中显示的国家/地区

    • WPMU/Translations – Ability to translate the plugin strings in different languages
    • WPMU / Translations –能够以不同语言翻译插件字符串

    • 6 months Free Support – Include installation and technical support
    • 6个月免费支持–包括安装和技术支持


Using the WordPress dashboard


    1. First, download the zip file containing Click-to-Call for Twilio.


      To do so, simply access the downloads page, log into your account, and click the button labeled TWILIO WP TOOLS.

      为此,只需访问下载页面,登录到您的帐户,然后单击标记为TWILIO WP TOOLS的按钮。

      Be sure to save this zip file somewhere easily accessible as you will need it soon.


    2. Next, log into your WordPress admin dashboard if you have not already done so.


    3. From within your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over Plugins on the left side navigation menu and click on Add New.

    4. 从WordPress管理仪表板中,将鼠标悬停在左侧导航菜单上的“插件”上,然后单击“添加新项”。

      Within this page, click the Upload Plugin button at the top.

    5. 在此页面中,单击顶部的“上传插件”按钮。

    6. Once on the upload page, click the Browse button.

    7. 在上传页面上,单击“浏览”按钮。

      Then, navigate to the zip file you previously downloaded and select it.


      Once the file is selected, click the Install Now button.

    8. 选择文件后,单击立即安装按钮。

    9. WordPress will now automatically handle the installation of Click-to-Call for Twilio.

    10. WordPress现在将自动处理Twilio的点击通话的安装。

      Once complete, be sure to click Activate Plugin to activate Click-to-Call for Twilio.

    11. 完成后,请确保单击“激活插件”以激活Twilio的“点击通话”。

    Using FTP


      1. First, download Click-to-Call for Twilio.

      2. 首先,下载Twilio的点击通话。

        To do so, simply access the download page, log into your account, and download the plugin zip file.

      3. 为此,只需访问下载页面,登录到您的帐户,然后下载插件zip文件即可。

      4. As you are installing via FTP, you will need to unpack the zip file that you downloaded.
      5. 通过FTP安装时,需要解压缩下载的zip文件。

      6. Next, access your WordPress site via FTP and navigate to the wp_content/plugins directory.

      7. 接下来,通过FTP访问您的WordPress网站,并导航到wp_content / plugins目录。

        Inside there, upload the entire ‘click-to-call-twilio’ folder that you have obtained as result of unzipping the zip file.

      8. 在其中,上传您通过解压缩zip文件而获得的整个“ click-to-call-twilio”文件夹。

      9. Once fully uploaded, access your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Plugins.

      10. 完全上传后,访问您的WordPress管理信息中心,然后点击插件。

        Inside this page, you should now see an entry for Twilio WP Tools.

        在此页面内,您现在应该看到Twilio WP Tools的条目。

        All you have to do now is activate it by clicking one Activate Plugin.

      11. 您现在要做的就是单击一个“激活插件”将其激活。

      That’s it!


      Click-to-Call for Twilio is now installed and running on your WordPress site.


      To get started, you may now follow our guide on setting up Click-to-Call for Twilio.