[wordpress插件] ClickGUMSHOE – Click Fraud Detection & ProtectionClickGUMSHOE –单击欺诈检测和保护

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You shouldn’t pay for unwanted clicks!


Do not accept click fraud as cost of doing business.


ClickGUMSHOE is the only ADVANCED click fraud detection and prevention platform on the market today.

ClickGUMSHOE 是当今市场上唯一的高级点击欺诈检测和预防平台。

It allows users powerful, high level functionality to monitor and limit click fraud from specific IP addresses and devices with a multitude of fully customizable PPC click fraud protection management features:


    • Very fast recording speed, right when you click on ads
    • 非常快的录制速度,就在您点击广告时

    • Monitor 24/7 and store 90 days of click history
    • 24/7监控并存储90天的点击历史记录

    • Fax fraud alert
    • 传真欺诈警报

    • Block unlimited number of ad clicks during the month
    • 该月内阻止广告点击的次数不受限制

    • Automatically block IP fraudulent clicks
    • 自动阻止IP欺诈点击

    • Track conversion behavior
    • 跟踪转化行为

    • Unlimited number of fraudulent clicks assistance
    • 无限数量的欺诈点击帮助

    • Automatically block and block the IP range, 3-4G
    • 自动阻止和阻止IP范围3-4G

    • Track and analyze sessions
    • 跟踪和分析会话

    • Disable clicks from VPN and proxy
    • 禁用来自VPN和代理的点击

    • Identify keywords, campaigns, ads being clicked
    • 识别关键字,广告系列,正在点击的广告

    • Detects IP hijackers
    • 检测IP劫持者

    • Determine the unique identity of the click button hackers
    • 确定点击按钮黑客的唯一身份

    • and some other proprietary technologies …
    • 和其他一些专有技术...

    • Account-level and campaign-level blocking
    • 帐户一级和广告系列一级的封锁

    • Automatically send email reports daily / weekly.
    • 每天/每周自动发送电子邮件报告。

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    1. Search plugin clickgumshoe from your wordpress admin & install it
    2. 在您的wordpress管理员中

    3. 搜索插件 clickgumshoe 并安装

    4. Navigate to settings menu Settings > ClickGUMSHOE
    5. 导航到设置菜单设置> ClickGUMSHOE