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Using a widget, Clicky Analytics Plugin displays detailed info and stats about: online

使用小部件, Clicky Analytics插件显示有关以下信息的详细信息和统计信息:在线

users, number of visits, number of actions, bounce rates, organic searches, time average directly on your Admin Dashboard.


This plugin automatically inserts Clicky Web Analytics tracking code in each page of your website.

此插件会在您网站的每个页面中自动插入 Clicky Web Analytics 跟踪代码。

Authorized users can also view Clicky stats like visitors and top searches, on frontend, at the end of each article.


Clicky Admin Dashboard features:


    • you can access your website’s basic statistics in a widget on your Administration Dashboard
    • 您可以在管理控制台上的小部件中访问网站的基本统计信息

    • cache feature, this improves loading speeds
    • 缓存功能,可以提高加载速度

    • access level settings
    • 访问级别设置

    • option to display top 30 pages, referrers and searches (sortable by columns)
    • 显示前30页,引荐来源网址和搜索(按列排序)的选项

    • option to display Clicky Analytics statistics on frontend, at the end of each article
    • 在每篇文章的末尾显示前端Clicky Analytics统计信息的选项

    • has multilingual support, a POT file is available for translations.
    • 具有多语言支持,POT文件可用于翻译。

    Clicky Tracking features:


      • enable/disable Clicky Web Analytics tracking code
      • 启用/禁用Clicky Web Analytics跟踪代码

      • user names tracking feature
      • 用户名跟踪功能

      • e-mails tracking feature
      • 电子邮件跟踪功能

      • video actions tracking for Youtube
      • 用于YouTube的视频操作跟踪

      • video actions tracking for HTML5
      • 针对HTML5的视频操作跟踪

      • asynchronously load of Clicky Web Analytics tracking code
      • 异步加载Clicky Web Analytics跟踪代码

      User privacy oriented features (GDPR and other):


        • IP address anonymization
        • IP地址匿名化

        • global opt-out feature
        • 全局退出功能

        • tools to comply with GDPR requests from your visitors
        • 符合访问者的GDPR要求的工具

        Clicky Custom Dashboard:


          • all clicky stats are available in a custom dashboard, under your blog’s administration panel.
          • 所有clicky统计信息都可在博客管理面板下的自定义信息中心中找到。

          Some features like video analytics and custom data tracking will require a Clicky Analytics Pro account.

          视频分析和自定义数据跟踪等某些功能将需要 Clicky Analytics Pro 帐户。

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            This plugin it’s released under the GPLv2, you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial website.



    1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory
    2. 将完整目录上传到您的wp-content / plugins目录

    3. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page
    4. 在插件管理页面上激活插件

    5. Open the plugin configuration page, which is located under Settings -> Clicky Analytics and enter your Site Key and Site ID
    6. 打开“插件配置”页面,该页面位于“设置”->“ Clicky Analytics”下,然后输入您的站点密钥和站点ID

    7. Save your configuration
    8. 保存您的配置

    9. Enjoy your Clicky reports and stats!
    10. 享受您的Clicky报告和统计信息!

    A step by step tutorial is available here: Clicky Analytics video tutorial

    此处提供分步教程: Clicky Analytics视频教程