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Display recommended products and reviews to your WordPress users based on content from your pages or posts.


The Product Recommendations Plugin lets you add related products to any post on your WordPress site.


This WordPress related products plugin makes it easy to refer readers to similar products in your store, which are posted on each post or page.


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The product recommendations plugin automatically generates related products and shows products based on purchase history.


Users can use the plugin to cross sell products and create various product categories as well as a database of related products.


Customize how your product recommendations show in your post by using a simple shortcode.


The product recommendation is shown as a widget that includes several related products as images or text, linked to the product page on your WordPress site or an external site.


Each term associated with the product within the post can be linked to the product page.


Basic Product Recommendation Plugin Features


    • Add related products to your posts
    • 将相关产品添加到您的帖子中

    • Unlimited number of products
    • 无限数量的产品

    • Adjust Related Products widget style
    • 调整相关产品小部件样式

    Benefits of Going Pro

    Going Pro的好处

      • Show specific products based on categories
      • 显示基于类别的特定产品

      • Locate widget anywhere in the post using a shortcode
      • 使用简码在帖子中的任何位置找到小部件

      • More customization features easily accessible from the plugin settings
      • 可通过插件设置轻松访问的更多自定义功能

      • Product term can also have synonyms
      • 产品字词也可以有同义词

      • Link and highlight product term or synonyms to the product itself
      • 链接并突出显示产品术语或产品本身的同义词

      • Import and export products between sites
      • 在站点之间导入和导出产品

      • Supports custom posts
      • 支持自定义帖子

      • Customize product recommendation widget look and feel
      • 自定义产品推荐小部件的外观

      • Add description for each product
      • 为每种产品添加说明

      • Add weight to prioritize specific products
      • 增加权重以优先选择特定产品

      • Reports and statistics
      • 报告和统计数据

      How to Use the Product Recommendation Plugin


        • Show recommendations based on content keywords
        • 根据内容关键字显示推荐

        • Promote products and receive affiliate commission
        • 促销产品并获得会员佣金

        • Promote your product lines in your blog posts
        • 在博客文章中推广您的产品线



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    1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. 将插件文件夹上传到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. Define your terms under the plugin menu item in the administration interface.

    6. 在管理界面的插件菜单项下定义您的条款。

      The title of the page should be the term.


      The body content should be the definition.

    7. 内容应为定义。

    8. There is a handful of other optional preferences available in the dashboard.
    9. 仪表板上还有一些其他可选的首选项。