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Provide professional support to users in your own language with CodeBard Help Desk.


Check out the Live Demo here


Its professional features include:


    • Unlimited Users
    • 无限用户

    • Unlimited Agents
    • 无限代理商

    • Unlimited Tickets
    • 无限门票

    • Unlimited Departments
    • 无限部门

    • Multi Language
    • 多国语言

    • Easy Language translation from WP admin
    • 从WP管理员轻松翻译语言

    • English, Spanish (Intl.), Indian (Hindu) languages included
    • 包括英语,西班牙语(国际),印度(印度语)

    • Front End Tickets
    • 前端门票

    • Front End Interface for Users
    • 用户前端界面

    • Front End Interface for Support Admins and Agents
    • 支持管理员和代理的前端界面

    • Easy to Use
    • 易于使用

    • Private Tickets
    • 私人机票

    • Email Notifications
    • 电子邮件通知

    • Ticket and Reply Attachments
    • 门票和回信附件

    • Support Admins, Support Agents with separate permissions
    • 支持管理员,具有单独权限的支持代理

    • Easy ticket management
    • 轻松的机票管理

    • Responsive
    • 响应式

    • Extensible
    • 可扩展

    • Compatible with all Themes and Plugins
    • 与所有主题和插件兼容

    • Adapts to visuals of any Theme
    • 适应任何主题的视觉效果

    • Hooks and Filters
    • 挂钩和过滤器

    In the Live Demo, try changing the theme from Theme Switcher widget on the right column


    to see how CodeBard Help Desk adapts to different themes!


    Use Language admin to easily translate your plugin into your own language or change your own language’s translation.

    使用Language admin可以轻松地将插件翻译成您自己的语言或更改您自己语言的翻译。

    New language packs will be upcoming!


    If you would like to contribute a translation for your own language, download this sample language file to translate and


    then contact us from our contact page to get credited.


    Quickstart Guide is here and detailed manual is


    href="https://codebard.com/codebard-help-desk-for-wordpress-manual" rel="nofollow">here.

    href =“ https://codebard.com/codebard-help-desk-for-wordpress-manual” rel =“ nofollow”>此处。

    All settings in your Plugin admin has detailed and easy to understand descriptions.


    Free support is available through Plugin forum, and Premium support is available through CodeBard site.

    可通过插件论坛获得免费支持,可通过 CodeBard网站获得高级支持。

    If you have a WooCommerce store, get the WooCommerce Integration Addon to power

    如果您拥有WooCommerce商店,请打开 WooCommerce集成插件

    up your Help Desk and provide professional support to your store's customers easily:


    Remember to follow us on Twitter (@codebardcom) or join our Newsletter by your Quickstart Wizard to hear about new features, announcements and goodies!



    1. Activate the plugin
    2. 激活插件

    3. A “CB Help Desk” menu item will be added to your WordPress Admin Menu.

    4. “ CB帮助台”菜单项将添加到您的WordPress管理员菜单中。

      You can access your settings, departments and agents from there.

    5. 您可以从那里访问设置,部门和座席。

    6. A welcome screen will get you quick-started.
    7. 欢迎屏幕将使您快速入门。

    8. That’s it!
    9. 就是这样!