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A powerful and secure donation management plugin, from initial setup to end-year reporting.


Donorbox offers a fast feature-filled solution so anyone can raise funds.




The Donorbox plugin for WordPress will provide you everything you need to embed a Donorbox donation form into your website.


We will generate all the embedding code for you.


Here’s why you should be using Donorbox.


Fully Customizable Donation Forms


    • Donorbox forms can be ready to deploy in 15 minutes and are even faster to fill in.
    • Donorbox表单可以在15分钟内准备好部署,并且填写速度甚至更快。

    • Brand your donation page with your own color scheme, styling and logo.
    • 使用自己的配色方案,样式和徽标在捐赠页面上打上标签。

    • Create custom input fields to make your forms quick to complete.

    • 创建自定义输入字段,以使表单快速完成。

      You can collect only necessary info from donors, whether for legal compliance, campaign updates or volunteer contacts.


    • Insert set amounts for donors to select by clicking or allow them to specify their own amount.
    • 插入设置的金额,供捐赠者通过单击来选择或允许他们指定自己的金额。

    Easy Fundraising


      • Donorbox accepts multiple currencies via Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

      • Donorbox通过Stripe,PayPal,Apple Pay和Google Pay接受多种货币。

        ACH payments are also accepted.


        It’s a quick and easy checkout process.

      • 这是一个快速简便的结帐过程。

      • Double your donations with our seamless employer donation matching feature.
      • 借助我们无缝的雇主捐款匹配功能,将您的捐款增加一倍。

      • Our forms are localized in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

      • 我们的表格以英语,西班牙语,法语,德语,意大利语和葡萄牙语进行了本地化。

        You can set this manually or let it auto-detect.

      • 您可以手动设置或让它自动检测。

      Share the Cause


        • Embed our donation forms into your website.

        • 将我们的捐赠表格嵌入到您的网站中。

          Or set a Donate button in your web pages and emails to deploy them as pop ups.


          Our donation plugin generates All necessary code.


          You only have to copy and paste.

        • 您只需要复制和粘贴。

        • Donorbox forms are optimized for desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.
        • Donorbox表单针对台式机,手机和平板电脑进行了优化。

        Automated Actions


          • Monthly repeat donations are easily set up with 1 click.
          • 只需单击一次即可轻松设置每月重复捐款。

          • Every donation triggers an automatic personalised receipt email that you only need to set up once.
          • 每次捐赠都会触发一条自动的个性化收据电子邮件,您只需设置一次即可。

          • Our payment gateway, Stripe, will transfer your donations to your account on your selected schedule.

          • 我们的付款网关Stripe将按照您选择的时间表将您的捐款转移到您的帐户中。

            No need to transfer Stripe funds to your account manually.

          • 无需将Stripe资金手动转入您的帐户。

          • Recurring donors get Donor login details to manage their own details.
          • 定期捐助者会获得捐助者登录详细信息以管理自己的详细信息。

          Donation Management


            • Manage all donations right from the dashboard.

            • 直接从信息中心管理所有捐赠。

              Resend receipts, update donations even after they’ve been made and refund donations, if needed.


            • Export donation details as a CSV file, for any time period you want.

            • 在任何需要的时间段内将捐赠详细信息导出为CSV文件。

              Think tax season or financial year-end reporting.

            • 考虑税收季节或财政年度末报告。

            • Add manual donations, like cash or checks, to your campaign so your records are accurate.

            • 向您的广告系列添加手动捐赠,例如现金或支票,以便您的记录准确无误。

              There are no processing fees for manual donations.


              It’s purely for your records.

            • 纯粹是为了您的记录。

            Optional Integrations


            Donorbox also offers these optional integrations to add even more awesome features to your campaign:


              • MailChimp: One of the world’s leading email marketing services.
              • MailChimp:世界领先的电子邮件营销服务之一。

              • Employer Gift Matching: Raise double the donations
              • 雇主礼物匹配:将捐款提高一倍

              • Salesforce NPSP 3 Integration: Easily analyze your donor data to maintain positive relationships.
              • Salesforce NPSP 3集成:轻松分析您的捐助者数据以保持积极的关系。



                • Donorbox is fully PCI compliant and our data is protected by SSL/TLS technology.
                • Donorbox完全兼容PCI,我们的数据受SSL / TLS技术保护。

                • All credit card information is encrypted, tokenized, and stored securely by Stripe.

                • 所有信用卡信息均由Stripe加密,标记和安全存储。

                  Payments are processed through Stripe and PayPal.


                  We chose these 2 payment processors because they operate on the most stringent security protocols and are highly regarding for their data protection standards.

                • 我们选择这两个付款处理器是因为它们采用最严格的安全协议运行,并且高度重视其数据保护标准。

                • We do not share client or donation information with any third party.
                • 我们不与任何第三方共享客户或捐赠信息。

                How To Embed Donorbox Donation Forms in your WordPress website


                  If you still need help getting your form embedded, please see this guide: how to embed donation form using Donorbox wordpress plugin or you can contact us on support@donorbox.

                  /“ rel =” nofollow“>如何使用Donorbox wordpress插件嵌入捐赠表格,或者您可以通过 support @ donorbox与我们联系。


                  org 。

                  We would love to help get you going.


                  QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE – How to Install Donorbox WordPress Donation Plugin

                  快速安装指南–如何安装Donorbox WordPress捐赠插件

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